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Hello and welcome to Atlas Packs.

At Atlas Packs we design and manufacture small runs of custom fit camera backpacks. Guaranteed to fit better and carry lighter than traditional camera bags. Currently all packs and hip belts are in stock! Text or chat if you have any questions. Thanks!


The Athlete Pack, winner of the Carryology Camera Bag of the year award, is the perfect size for quick trips and daypacking. If you want a camera bag that does not at all look like a camera bag, the Athlete pack is for you! Makes airline travel a breeze. Deep enough for gripped bodies and big glass lenses like a 200-600. Easily fits under the seat, just 7" deep.


Cameras: Fit mirrorless w/battery grips
Glass: As big as 200-600

Camera Storage:
7-10 liters
Non-Camera Storage:
10-30 liters

Inches: 21h / 23h x 11w x 7d
CM: 53.5 / 53.8H x 28w x 18D

Laptop: Fits 16" MacBook Pro
Weight: 4.5lbs
The award winning Atlas Athlete is the most versatile camera pack on the market. The new generation 2022 Atlas Athlete Pack is designed with amazing access, organization and expansion.

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When we first started designing the Adventure Pack, we prioritized around: Supporting large sets of gear, efficient workflow and organization, ease of use during travel and of course comfort and fit. Over the years the Adventure Pack has grown smaller today is just 23" tall and still able to pack a 600mm.


Pack Size: 35-60 liters
Expandable Liters: 30 liters
Inches: 23h x 11.25w x 9h
CM: 58.5h x 28w x 23h
Laptop: Fits 17" laptops
Weight: 5.95lbs
Origami Folds:
Double Fold
Origami Depth: Deep
The new generation 2022 Atlas Adventure is smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside and designed to exceed the needs of today’s travel and adventure photographers.

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One thing to know before you go...

When you buy a camera bag... you choose the size based on how many liters you need to carry. That's because camera bags come in fixed liter increments. By way of comparison, a camera bag is like a prime lens, the capacity like the focal length is limited to a set amount.

When you buy an Atlas Pack... you choose the pack size based on your body measurements and then choose your pack style (Athlete or Adventure) based on how many liters you need for your gear (camera + non-camera). Continuing the analogy, Atlas Packs are like telephoto and a wide where the volume in each pack covers a range just as the focal length in each lens.


Custom fitted backpacks are common in the world of outdoors. It means having a frame size and hip belt that can be removed and sized to fit. Why spend your money on a camera bag that only fits your gear. Get one that fits everything including you!

Hello and welcome to the newly updated Atlas Packs shop, I'm Allan Henry, Partner and General Manager, I'm also a photographer like many of you.

For centuries, countless explorers have trusted an atlas to help navigate the globe. We chose the name Atlas as the name for our packs, a brand that helps guide and lead the way.

Today, Atlas Packs designs and manufactures a world class line of travel and hiking camera backpacks.

The Atlas Packs team is small, our shop is based in Phoenix, Arizona and we ship our packs world-wide. . The Atlas Packs site is setup to make the process easy. When you call we pick-up. If you text, we text back. We've perfected the art of buying a camera bag online and are here to help you.

Thank you for the consideration and support and remember, a dirty pack is a happy pack!


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All parts and accessories work for all generation packs.

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