Let's pack some gear in the Athlete Pack

Shallow and Mighty

Remember when mirrorless meant small and light, well those days are long gone and to keep your heavy and expensive camera gear safe, you need to pack and not bag camera gear ;)

The main issue with camera bags is they require an insert and this leads to inefficiency and added weight, it's why we developed our patented Origami Camera Core (TM).

With the Athlete Pack your camera gear is securely stored and will not shift or bounce around. The lid is designed to press down on the top of your gear providing 4-way support. And because the pack is rear access, nobody can get to your gear when you pack is on!


    ASSORTED CAMERA BODIES: + Gripped Sony Alpha + Canon 5D + Canon R5 + Sony Alpha (non grip) + Fuji X100


    The increase in depth means that it's much easier to store gripped bodies in the Athlete Pack, but what about non-gripped bodies and smaller sets of gear.

    In this photo above, we have an assortment of camera bodies arranged without lenses. As you can see, the depth of the Athlete Pack is still really shallow and works great with the smaller systems and sets.

    **It's important to note the Nikon D850 with an RRS L-bracket
    attached will now fit in the Athlete Pack.


    Let's take a look at a Sony kit with a gripped a7 iii body and 70-200 lens attached. The important thing to note in the above example is how much higher the camera body sits when hot-shoe up. Even though there is enough room, my recommendation is to put gripped bodies in grip side up.


    In the above photo you cam see how much shorter the grip-up method is.
    With the hot shoe up, the eye piece sits well above sidewalls and has a
    tendency to pop-off. Of note: *Without grip the eye-piece on mirrorless bodies goes well under the sidewalls.


    2021 ATHLETE PACK: + Gripped Canon R5 Kit with Canon R5 and 70-200 2.8 RF, 600 RF, 15-35 2.8 RF and Mavic Pro and remote.


    Now let's get into the glass. The new generation of Athlete Packs means you can drop-in six inch tall glass. Let's talk about glass for a minute. The biggest change to come as it relates to camera gear will happen right here. Big lenses like the a 500 are getting smaller and lighter. Wides and primes are getting heavier, wider and taller. And everything is getting more expensive.




    In the next set of examples, we've taken a gripped and non-gripped Canon R5 with a 70-200 RF lens and placed it at the bottom of the pack. The thing to note here is that this section of the pack is the tighest and placing tall object here places a lot of pressure on the zipper. Putting a gripped body (of any type) at the bottom of the pack is NOT recommended.


    Here is the exact same kit without the grip. As you can see there is ample head room for both the body and lens now. Please use your judgement when setting up your pack. Move tall items up higher and keep the tension away from the bottom corners.

Athlete Pack Origami Camera Core (TM)


    So how much is too much. With the Athlete Pack it's pretty easy to tell when you have over packed by how much stress you place on the main zipper. Sometimes it's best to put lenses in flat. Keep in mind many tall lenses (16-35, 24-70) now get dropped in and this opens up a ton of room! Some lenses like the Sony GM 12-24 2.8 could be okay to stand up, but my recommendation is to lay it flat and not stress out your pack or the connections on the lens.


    We made a point to keep lens hoods and rear caps on in most of these examples. The goal here is so you can get an accurate understanding of how your gear will fit. We however, did not include many lens caps for the photos, but do when we are transporting gear. Using your pack and not using front lens caps is not recommend.


    It is normal for gear in the Athlete Pack to sit above the height of the dividers and sidewalls. You will find that when the pack is zipped closed, there is a lot more room inside than one can measure with a ruler. In terms of usage, you can expect tall (6in / 15cm) sized gear to fit. It's important to note that tall gear should be arranged so there are no highs and lows.

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A Few FAQ's

Kinda. In previous versions of the Athlete Pack you could get away with pushing into the top fold of the Origami Camera Core (TM), but not with the new 2022 version due to the increased density and friction.

The compromise here is that it's better to transport lenses this size with the body off and not stress the pack or sensitive connections between body and lens.

All Atlas Packs are hand made. Please variations between copies. When it comes to specs and measurements including but not limited to height, length, weight, volume, capacity, liters, in, cm, etc.. the information provided is intended to guide, and not an exact ruler based measurement. Said another way, a ruler will does not measure how gear fits and organizes, how foam compresses down.

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