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    While torso fitting is best, height works 86% of the time.

    + If you are 5’8 / 1.7m or below, the medium size pack typically fits best.

    + If you are taller than 5’11/1.8m the large size pack typically fits best.

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    Torso length provides the most accurate measurement for backpack fitting.

    + If your torso length is shorter than 18" / 45.5cm, the medium size pack typically fits best.

    + If your torso length is longer than 18"/45.5cm the large size pack typically fits best.


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    1. Cut a piece of string 18"/45.5cm
    2. Hold the top to your C7 vertebrae and drop the bottom end.
    3. Now feel all the way down to where string ends. It will fall either above or below your Iliac Center (essentially your love handles and where you rest your hands when you are putting your hands on your hips).

    PS: If the string goes past your love handles, that means your torso is shorter than 18" = medium size pack. If the string ends before
    your love handles, that means your torso longer than 18" = large size pack.

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Sam is 5'3" and wearing a medium Athlete Pack

Hip belts included but not always needed

Carry-On All Day Long

+ The Adventure Pack easily fits US Domestic and International cabin standards with frame-in.

With the hip belt off the Adventure Pack will even fit under the seat.

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Please take a look at our size chart for more information and how to take accurate measurements.


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