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Container #2 expected in Arizona next week. Delivery schedule coming by Feb 10th. Thanks everyone!!


Nothing lasts forever. Sponge breaks down and dividers get lost along the way. Buckles crack and zipper pullers tend to snap when you least expect it. If it's been a few years since you first got your pack, perhaps your camera gear or waist line or both are not the same anymore. If that's the case it's time for a firmware update...

After the install >> Expect your pack to carry more weight more comfortably and for your camera gear to be even more safe and secure.


A firmware update is like hitting reset on your pack!

Atlas Packs is not like other camera bag companies. With firmware updates you get the benefits of many improvements without having to get a new pack. Just like in hardware development, a firmware update means you are fundamentally improving the product, not just replacing a worn out part or swapping like for like.

PACK PARTS: Firmware Updates

This page is under development. Please contact Pro Support with any questions. Thanks.

$100.00 $175.00

PACK PARTS: Firmware Updates - ATHLETE DIVIDERS SET / ADD GRAY TRAVEL STRAPS / ADD GRAY MAG BUCKLE is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Please click "full details" if shown. This items requires additional options not shown on this page to be selected before adding to cart.


Everyone with a generation one Atlas Pack is eligible. All the new parts fit great in the older packs.


For a very limited time, the firmware update is just $100 (plus shipping). Individually the cost is $175 for all of the parts. The price is designed to make upgrading a no-brainer. Very limited stock.


Awesome and welcome to the family. It's time to make your pack feel like yours from the start. Thinking of selling your pack? Tell the new owner about this benefit!



The only thing that did not change was the height. Exact same height for the new dividers, just thicker, longer and in more sizes than before.

Make sure you get the divider set that fits in your pack. There are some differences between them as explained here

Adventure Divider Firmware Set: x2 full length, x3 full width, x2 medium, x8 short. Retail cost of $55

Athlete Divider Firmware Set: x3 full width, x2 wide, x2 medium, x8 short + x1 full length divider. Retail cost of $55

*this section to be updated with additional photos*

Part 2.


Travel straps (aka hip straps) work great to secure the pack to your body but don't support much weight. These little guys connect to the pouches and can be left on and tucked away behind the lumbar padding when not in use. Retail price is $25. Choose either black or gray. Buckles match webbing.

*this section will be updated with additional photos*



As part of the ever growing cargo accessory line, I've sourced a number of new bits and pieces including an awesome new magnetic buckle (mag.buckle). These items are REQUIRED if you want to use the belt off your pack.

Why would you do that you say? Well with the new MOLLE loops on the hip belts, you can easily add lens pouches or camera clips and hit the trail without anything on your back. How crazy is that for a backpack company!

The retail price is $20. Buckles are available in both black and gray (as shown) and sized based on belt webbing.

*this section to be updated with additional photos*



A spare packet of pulls was included in the keyfob pocket when you purchased your pack. Chances are good you've either lost it or used em up. Please select your pack and color from the list. This items retails for $10 and includes x4 sets of compression buckles and x2 sets of brain buckles and a grab bag of pulls.

*photo to be updated*

PART 5: Choose your hip belt


The Adventure Hip Belt-our thickest padded belt offering two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. Most comfortable for heavier loads or longer hikes. The Adventure Hip Belt construction includes dual layers of foam padding with 38mm buckle and webbing. Works best with heavy load outs. Available in S/M - XL/XXL sizes.


The Athlete Hip Belt offers a slimmer profile with a single layer of foam padding with 25mm buckle and narrower webbing. This belt offers a more "minimalist" look and feel in comparison to the Adventure Hip Belt. Available in S/M-XL sizes.

New Features & Functions

Black colorway

New colorway has been added. In addition to the gray, there are now black belts. If you have a black pack, get the black belt, it looks so much better.

New Sizes

The new hip belts fit even better now. The length of the padding has been increased to ensure proper coverage. Please see the size charts below.


By adding small strips of webbing, the versatility of the hip belt has increased ten-fold. MOLLE is a universally recognized method of attaching items to bags/packs/clothing.

Lash Loops

We didn't have nearly enough loops on the gen. one packs. With the new hip belts we've sewn-in a set as shown above. Why, so if need be, you can now carry things under your pack (ie.. sleeping pad) and use the loops running down the front of your Athlete Pack

New Sizing Guide:

The most important part with the new belts is to make sure to follow the new sizing guide.

Which belt is best for me?

That's really hard to say, it's such a personal choice. Generally speaking the Adventure belt is considered more comfortable as it offers two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. The Athlete belt has a single foam layer
and is more minimalist.The Adventure belt is better able to support heavier loads than the standard Athlete Pack belt

Does the Adventure belt fit the Athlete Pack?

Yes. All of the hip belts are interchangeable with all of the packs so you can mix and match. With that said, it's uncommon to pair the Athlete belt with the Adventure Pack. But if that's what you want to do, I say go for it!

Dang! I got the wrong size?

We got ya! Please contact Pro Support via chat so we can swap you out. For answer to more questions about hip belts, hit the link below



If purchased each of the parts separately you would be spending $175 and not get any perk points. As a special introductory offer, update your generation one Atlas Pack for just $100 and get a bonus $25 bonus perk points to use for anything else from our Cargo Line.