We’re photographers just like you and have never understood why bag manufacturers seem focused purely on “holding camera gear” vs designing a solution for camera use.


We took a 40L ripstop shell and added our patent pending Origami Camera Core to create an incredibly versatile camera backpack for medium size sets of camera and video equipment.

getoutoftown.jpg 20 Liters
edc2.jpg 40 Liters

At EDC-size the pack is incredibly thin and measures just 7”/18cm deep. At this size the pack carries about 20L worth of gear. That’s enough room for ALL your camera gear PLUS a 15” laptop, snacks, ipad, jacket, water bladder, etc.

And when you want to get out of town, the Athlete pack can be expanded out to it’s full shell size of 40L. Of this space, approximately 10L is reserved for the Origami compartment leaving a front pocket that can expand up to 30L.

Camera bags are all giant boxes!  We wanted a thinner, more nimble design that holds weight close to the body and doesn’t impede movement in busy urban areas or while moving over terrain.

Why we made this pack...
  • Origami camera core can be reconfigured between camera core and non-camera section of pack.
  • Dedicated pocket for a 15" laptop
  • The ultimate in comfort. Air vented mesh backpanel, overbuilt harness and suspension system
  • Room for two tripods (one on each size of pack)
  • Built in water hydration pocket with dedicated tube routing through back of pack.
  • 30 liter expansion shell
  • Removable waist belt
  • Internal frame backpack (removable)
  • Quickdraw hip pockets hidden into sides of waistbelt.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and fitting photographers of all shapes and sizes. Nearly every other camera bag comes in a one-size fits all configuration.  The Athlete Pack is designed for you from the ground up.

SHORT FRAME: 5'0 - 5'9
TALL FRAME: 5'10 - 6'6

MEDIUM: 28 - 32
LARGE: 32 - 36
X-LARGE: 36 - 42


Other camera bag brands sell different size ICU’s or camera cubes that go inside their packs. These systems are expensive and poorly designed.

To support the insert the bags require a “pressure fit”, resulting in a fundamental compromise to the pack’s load carrying and a well as limiting access to gear on the edges of the camera compartment.

With the Athlete Pack your camera gear is securely stored inside our patent pending Origami Camera Core. The Origami compartment is sown into the pack and accessible via unzipping the backpanel.