One of my main goals since launching Atlas Packs has been the formalization of the Ambassador Program.

A little bit of history: When Atlas Packs first launched on Instagram (Feb 2017) I connected with and built relationships with a number of high-profile / influencer accounts.  I gave away packs because that’s just what new brands do.  Since starting retail sales (May 2018) I’ve shifted away from this model and focused on building relationships with customers asking them to become ambassadors.

I much much much prefer the customer-centric approach. It’s more fun, personally rewarding and also more profitable :-). For these reasons and a bunch more I'm formalizing the Atlas Packs Ambassador program.

The premise behind the new program is really simple. To give back and support those that have supported Atlas Packs.

Almost everybody has NEVER heard of us. If you own an Atlas Pack, thank you!

Seriously, thank you. Without your support Atlas Packs would not be what it is today.  You could own any pack on the market, you choose to carry an Atlas Pack. For this I say cheers and welcome to the Atlas Packs Explorer Challenge as we search for our next Ambassador.

The new program will include a series of monthly challenges and contest. With prizes ranging from collabs to cash, first dibs on paying gigs, free loaners packs and much more more…

To participate in the challenge you must own an Atlas Pack. It does not matter if it's an old pack from eBay or brand new.  Starting today, only Atlas Packs customers can become Atlas Packs Brand Ambassadors.

This program is still very much in BETA. Access is limited even to customers. Expect things to change and evolve. To get started please complete the form below. Thank you :)