Thank you to everyone that has an Athlete Pack (and thanks to all that have pre-ordered). We are excited to be making more packs and will be shipping out this September.

The Athlete Pack is currently sold-out and we are accepting pre-orders. Thank you.

Daniel Milnor, Shifter Media

When I see someone wearing one of these packs, in my experience, they turn out to be adventurous people who live truly interesting lives. I like this about my pack and my pack community. I feel like if I was broken down in the backcountry and an Atlas Pack user was driving by and saw MY Atlas Pack they would stop, help, tow me, dig me out, bandage my head, splint my fractured leg or maybe even perform an emergency tracheotomy with a spork. You know what I mean. Atlas is about lifestyle, adventure, community and practical application. Not everyone needs a pack like this, but those who do know a good one when they see it.

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