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Container #2 expected in Arizona next week. Delivery schedule coming by Feb 10th. Thanks everyone!!

BETA: Atlas Explorer Perk Points

This page is in beta.




This page is in beta. This section of the site will launch in Q1 2022. This page will serve as the landing page for the new perks program and detail all of the ways you will be able to earn more perk points by helping with things like referring us to friends, sharing photos, reviews, field testing, discovering defects or issues with packs and participating in various contests and challenges. Some good things are in the works, stay tuned.

For now, the BIG thing I need help with is this site and making sure my communications and the examples I've used and sited are clear and accurate.

Now that you have your packs, please let me know what product specifications or measurements should be changed. I fully expect to have issues with 3-4% of the packs. If it turns out there are issues the team and I missed

Please let me know if you find the depth of the new ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE (TM). It's important that all of the photos, descriptions and examples I use are accurate and this requires your help.

Please contact Pro Support with any information or issues so we can address right away. Thank you.