Atlas Packs has developed a first of it's kind "Origami Camera Core" that allows you to reconfigure and shift space between the camera and non-camera sections of the pack.

Push the Origami pocket IN when you need more space for for camera gear. Pull the Origami pocket OUT when you need more space for personal items.

20180125_150153_02954_ujy-hd.jpg PUSHED IN
20180125_150153_02954_txj-hd.jpg PULLED OUT

Other camera bag brands make you buy different size inserts such as ICU’s or camera cubes. These systems are expensive and poorly designed as they are detached from the structure of the bag.

ICU's require a “pressure fit”, resulting in a fundamental compromise to the pack’s load carry and limiting access to gear along the sides of the camera compartment.

With the Athlete Pack your camera gear is securely stored inside our patent pending Origami Camera Core. The Origami compartment is sown into the pack and accessible via unzipping the backpanel.

The depth of the Origami Camera Core is ideal for mirrorless, micro 4/3 and small DSLR bodies such as a 5D or D800. Lenses can be mounted with these size camera bodies.

Lenses over 5" tall as well as gripped bodies and large DLSRs like a 1DX must be laid flat. Video cameras such as the FS5 or C200 can be stored (parts broken down).