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Custom Fitted Hip Belts

An Atlas Packs Hip Belt is included with the purchase of your pack. Designed to transfer around 90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. All belts are compatible with all packs.

Let's Choose Your Belt

Included with the purchase of your pack is a custom fitted hip belt.

Our Adventure Hip Belt (as shown here) is best suited for long trips and heavier load-outs.

The slimmer Athlete Hip Belt (as shown here) is best suited for lighter loads and every day carry usage.

Adventure Belt Explained

The Adventure Hip Belt-our thickest padded belt offering two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. Most comfortable for heavier loads or longer hikes.

The Adventure Hip Belt construction includes dual layers of foam padding with 38mm buckle and webbing. Works best with heavy load outs. Available in M-XXL sizes. Limited sizes currently available. We will be fully stocked in 2020.

Athlete Belt Explained

The Athlete Hip Belt offers a slimmer profile with a single layer of foam padding with 25mm buckle and narrower webbing. This belt offers a more "minimalist" look and feel in comparison to the Adventure Hip Belt. Normally available in M-XL sizes. Limited sizes currently available. We will be fully stocked in 2020.

Travelers Belt

**Medium back in stock**
The Travel Hip Belt (also known as the Haenisch Hip Belt) has no padding, just a soft wrap with 25mm buckle and webbing.

The Travel Hip Belt is available as an accessory only and is not included with a pack purchase. Awaiting more stock. Will have available for order in 2020.

Hip Belt Sizing

Both padding and webbing/straps get progressively larger as the hip belts go up in size. If you are between sizes, size up.

Sizes for hip belts have been converted to pants sizes. Total length is also included so you know how long the belt is if measured with a traditional tape measure.

Which belt is best for me?

atlas-packs-hip-belt-faq-004.JPG Athlete Belt
atlas-packs-hip-belt-faq-003.JPG Adventure Belt

That's really hard to say, it's such a personal choice. Generally speaking, you can get a tighter fit with the Adventure Hip Belt as it is designed for heavier loads. However, it's almost twice the weight and bulkier.

The Adventure Extender Clip

The Extender Clip adds 8" of additional length to your belt.

Get one don't like the feeling of a buckle in the middle of your stomach, you need a belt longer than our XXL, if you are between sizes or need additional room for clothing layers, etc... **only available for the Adventure Hip Belt**


Some questions we get about hip belts.


What's the differences between the belts?

Generally speaking the Adventure belt is more comfortable as it offers two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. The Athlete belt has a single foam layer and is more minimalist.The Travel belt is just a fabric wrap without any padding. Photo's and videos of all items will be available soon! The Adventure extender is a piece of webbing with a male and a female buckle on each end. You would need an extender if you are between sizes (as an example).

Does the Adventure Belt fit the Athlete Pack

Yes. All of our hip belts are universal and fit all of our packs. Generally speaking the Adventure belt is more comfortable and able to support heavier loads than the standard Athlete Pack belt. The belt is also heavier, about .25lbs with significantly more padding.

What about the Athlete and Travel Belts on the Adventure Pack?

The Athlete Hip Belt works great on the Adventure Pack.

The Travel Hip Belt works as long as you keep the total weight of the pack relatively light. Less than 10lbs.

Can the pack be used without a belt?

Yes and removing the belt is super easy. Once removed the small pouches tuck into the back of the lumbar padding for a seamless look.

I'm between sizes?

Get the larger size. Better to have a little more padding and webbing than less.