Hip Belts

Your Atlas Packs hip belt will transfer around 90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. Belts are compatible with all packs.

Choose your belt

Included with the purchase of your pack is a custom fitted hip belt.

Choose between our Athlete and Adventure Hip Belts.

Sizing Explained

It's all in the hips...

Your Atlas Packs hip belt will transfer around 90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips.

Athlete Belt

Available in medium to x-large, the Athlete Hip Belt to a single layer of padding with 25mm buckle and webbing. This belt offers a more "minimalist" look in comparison to the Adventure Hip Belt.

Adventure Belt

The Adventure hip belt construction includes dual layers of foam padding with 38mm buckle and webbing. Works best with heavy load outs.

Travel Belt

The Travel belt (also known as the Haenisch Hip Belt) has no padding, just a soft wrap with 25mm buckle and webbing.

The Travel belt is available as an accessory as is not included with purchase. **Please know we are currently sold out of the medium and large sizes.

Between sizes?

Size up! Better to have a little more padding and webbing than less.

What is the Extender Clip?

The Extender Clip (only available for the Adventure Belt) adds 9" of additional length to your belt.

Get one if... You don't like the feeling of a buckle in the middle of your stomach, need a belt longer than our XXL, are between sizes, additional room for clothing layers, etc...

Which belt is best for me?


That's really hard to say, it's such a personal choice. Generally speaking you can get a tighter fit with the Adventure Hip Belt as it is designed for heavier loads. However it's almost twice the weight and bulkier.

Does a belt come with the pack?

Yes! Everything you need comes included with your pack.

Atlas Athlete Pack: Load Out

+ Canon 5DS with charger and extra battery.
+ Canon 70-300
+ Canon 17-40
+ Sony A7rii
+ Sony 55mm Zeiss
DJI Mavic Pro with 3 batteries +
+ Gnarbox
+ Pair of Brown shoes
+ Blue GAP jacket
+ Travel Blanket
+ First Aid Kit
+ REI nalgene
+ Gitzo tripod with head
+ 15inch MacBook
+ 1.5L water bladder
+ Red Moleskin notebook
+ GoPro 5
+ 2 T-shirt’s, a polo, socks and undies plus two pairs of jeans Snacks (3 bars, 2 packs of jerkey, 2 chocolate bars)