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Camera Gear and the Atlas Adventure Pack

The Adventure Pack will haul more camera gear than you own!

New for 2022, the Adventure Pack is smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside to hold even more camera and non-camera gear!

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    Gripped Sony Alpha + 400 2.8+ Gripped Sony Alpha + 200-600

    For anyone carry big glass you will want the pack setup for max camera. For 2022 the length and depth of the ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE (TM) has been increased.

    With the Adventure Pack, big glass like the 400 2.8 and 200-600 can be stored on bodies with hoods on and front lens caps off. This makes workflow, organization and access so much easier.


    No other carry-on sized camera bag that can do this >> and still leave you with lots of space to pack non-camera gear. Longer glass like 600mm and 800mm, these can fit but eat up a lot of room.


    X2 Gripped bodies. Includes the Canon R5 and Sony Alpha with grips plus a big collection of Canon and Sony lenses

    Gripped bodies easily fit in the Adventure Pack and can be stored in
    any position. The depth of the ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE (TM) in the Adventure Pack does not have a taper and you can expect your gear to sit flush or below the line of the sidewalls and dividers.


    As you can see from the images below (move the slider back and forth), there is plenty of depth in the Adventure Pack for camera bodies
    of all sizes.