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Atlas Athlete 2021

Early Early Bird Pre-Order Wave

Hi and welcome to a very early pre-order page for the 2021 Athlete Pack. It's been an amazing three years since we introduced the Athlete Pack to the public and still can't believe how much love and support we have received.

Prior to 2018 the Athlete Pack was only available to members of the trade. We would setup a table at photo festivals and camera club events and fit one customer at a time.

Explaining the benefits of the Athlete Pack was often a challenge. I would get asked a lot "why do you have a camping bag at a camera event?" Back then camera bags were for camera gear only and a shallow camera core with lots of room for "camping gear" challenged conventional wisdom.

Over the years we've heard from thousands of very happy Athlete Pack customers about why they love using their packs. Thanks to this amazing feedback loop we've made small incremental changes to the Athlete Pack over time. This all ends in 2021.

For this year's release we've taken a step back. The 2021 Athlete Pack willl undergo a a fundamental shift how it can be used. On the outside the pack will maintain the same look and feel, on the inside there is so much more to discover and explore. However at this stage I will say no more...

For everybody interested in the 2021 Athlete Pack you are welcome to wait for more details or jump in on today for our super early bird pre-order wave...