This page has been created and shared with you because you have a Cargo Net on back-order AND you used Perk Points to pay for the part.
If you did not use Perk Points, please do not use this page. Instead tap chat and provide Pro Support with your order number and we will provide a different link.  Thx.


Perk Points Customers ONLY

Super Lightweight & Strong

Assembly is currently underway. Shipment is expected in 3-4 weeks.

Get Your Packs Even More Dirty

A Cargo Net makes for a totally different look!


    To start, thanks for your patience. I know the wait for the Cargo Net has been a long time coming and I'm excited to finally be able to provide an updated.

    I have good news and some changes to the Perk Program to update you on.

    As part of the updates you will need to reconfirm your order and shipping details before your Cargo Net will be built and shipped.

    I am sharing these details with you now, just as I shared updates and information during the reservation process. Based on my estimates at that time, Cargo Nets should have already been shipped and delivered to you but have not been due to production delays as I shared in my email.

    You may have seen from some Instagram posts, that Cargo Nets have arrived at the Shop in Arizona. That is the good news. In reality, it's a limited supply that I had shipped via air in advance. These Nets are for anyone that used Perk Points and others that paid in advance. The bulk of the stock will be shipped in from the Philippines and is expected to arrive in Feb/March of 2023.


    Now for the updates...

    Unfortunately my costs are up, way up and it should come as no surprise, that the value of perk points has not kept up with the rising costs for labor, shipping, duties, raw materials and more recently inflation.

    As a way to balance out today's costs with the expectations from the past, I'm making some changes to the Perks Program and implementing a fee to help me cover some of the costs.


    + USA Customers: $15
    + INTL Customers: $25


    All orders will be shipped in bulk in 3-4 weeks.

    GIVEAWAY: As a thank you for your understanding, everyone that pays the fee will automatically be entered to win a free pack!

    If you don't want to pay this fee, I totally understand and I've addressed this and numerous other questions in the FAQ below..

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Thanks for your understanding and making this easy! If you are ready, scroll up and add a Cargo Net of your choice to your cart. The shipping portion of the fee will display at checkout. Cargo Nets are expected to ship just in 3-4 weeks.

$15 for USA Customers and $25 for International Customers.

I get it, nobody ever wants to pay more than advertised! Please know, this is not a decision that made me happy to make. I know how long you waited, first for your pack and then for this item and now there is an additional fee on top of all this....

To help soften the blow, everyone that pays the fee is automatically entered into a giveaway too win a free pack! And if you don't want to pay, you have the option to do a one time Perks Points "cash-in". See below...

A complete set of FAQ's has been included below.


Match the buckles on your pack to the buckles on your net.


Yes! October 29th is the deadline. The sooner everyone completes these steps the sooner Cargo Nets can ship. If you do not respond in time, then your Cargo Net order will be canceled and all perk points voided.

Thanks for your understanding and support. Assembly is well underway and I will keep you updated on a regular basis moving forward.

In approx 3-4 weeks.
To help save costs, all Cargo Net orders will be shipped in out (in bulk) on the same day to everyone! Hence the deadline...

Again, I'm sorry to have to change things up and hopefully you can appreciate the circumstances. As an option, you can cancel your Cargo Net order and "cash-in" your Perk Points for a one time store credit = 50% of your Perk Points used.

**A digital store credit will be issued. Fully transferable. Expires in 12months . Can be used for any pack or part but not for shipping. Cannot be combined with other offers. Affiliate points cannot be earned with items purchased using Store Credit.


Split $10 for parts and $5 for shipping.

Split $10 parts and $15 shipping.


Yes! Pick any color you like. It does not matter which Cargo Net you selected in the past. All orders have been reset.

Final Design:

The final design includes two colorways for the Net (black and silver - formerly gray) and a limited number of buckle and webbing combinations.

**To keep things simple, there is no additional cost if you want reflective webbing.

My advice >> Be sure to match the buckles on your pack with the buckles on your Cargo Net. Makes for a seamless look. Mixing up buckle colors is not recommended but you do you ;)

A fee will be added to all items on back-order and you can help save costs by combining shipments.

+ Travel belts are due (Nov 5th) and will ship with Net orders.

Estimated Ship Dates for:
+ Molle Panels (estimated Dec)
+ Origami Insert (estimated Dec/Jan)

A limited number of Nets are been made daily and are available for sale online. To get one of these ahead of the bulk shipment and "skip the line", you would can cash in your perk points and pay the difference with debit/credit. Please contact Pro Support for details.

Your Cargo Net is built to withstand a lifetime of getting dirty without
any comprise to form or functionality. Have fun and if you happen to break something let me know and we'll take care of you!

This page is only for if you used Perk Points to cover the full cost of
the Net. Please do not use this page if you paid for your Net with both
perk points and debit/credit. Please contact Pro Support and have your
order number available. Thanks...

It makes it much easier for us to look up and sync orders.

It depends. Some countries have De Minimis Values and if the total amount is less than X, there are no VAT or Duties owed. In this case the total on the invoice will be listed as $25.

Still have questions? Tap chat and connect with the Pro Team!

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