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All packs are the same price and shipping is free no matter where in the world you live. Be sure to setup an online fitting with an Atlas Packs Pro Team member and be ready to get your pack dirty when the moment comes. Thank you for your support and welcome you to the family. #bringbacktheworld

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All packs are the same price. Everything you need is included and shipping is free world-wide!

athlete-pack-specs-compare3.jpg Athlete Pack
adventure-pack-specs-compare3.jpg Adventure Pack

The Athlete and Adventure packs work much a 24-70 and 70-200. Each lens has unique attributes and strengths. To understand which pack works best for you, let's start by explaining how the packs differ in footprint. This view shows a fully expanded Athlete compared to the Adventure.

athlete-pack-specs-compare22.jpg Athlete Pack
adventure-pack-specs-compare22.jpg Adventure Pack
Reviews & Testimonials
David Mantripp Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
David Mantripp Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
Dan Bailey Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
Dan Bailey Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
Matthew Storer Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
Matthew Storer Reviews the Atlas Athlete Pack
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Ready to go? Well, almost as I am still finishing up some watch photography due this week. So here are my first impressions on the @atlaspacks Athlete camera bag. In one word: awesome! Over the years I have owned a few camera bags but also daypacks and backpacking packs. None of them were very good at combining personal items and camera gear. The Athlete pack is the exception with a clever Origami camera core making the space truly modular. Brilliant! The build quality is up to the highest standards and the pack is extremely comfortable and adjustable. I ordered mine with an extra hip belt - the ultra light Haenisch hip belt that I am taking on my trip to Indonesia - on top of the regular padded one which comes with the bag (not used on that trip). Note that the sizing chart on the Atlas Packs website is accurate (which is pretty rare with online shopping). I am very limited on carry-on luggage weight by one airline company (only 7kg!), so I packed the minimum: Sony A7RIV + 3 batteries + L-Bracket (excellent product by the way made by @smallrig_official) + cleaning kit + camera strap + Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 + Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 + cable release + charger. I also added a bunch of @leefilters in the front part of the bag and the underwater housing for our Sony RX100. Too bad I can't take 10kg on that trip because I have plenty of room to spare in the top part of the bag. My wife will carry the rest of the underwater gear in her backpack including our new housing for the A7RIV (pretty excited about that one!). More feedback in the coming days!

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Daniel Milnor, Shifter Media

When I see someone wearing one of these packs, in my experience, they turn out to be adventurous people who live truly interesting lives. I like this about my pack and my pack community. I feel like if I was broken down in the backcountry and an Atlas Pack user was driving by and saw MY Atlas Pack they would stop, help, tow me, dig me out, bandage my head, splint my fractured leg or maybe even perform an emergency tracheotomy with a spork. You know what I mean. Atlas is about lifestyle, adventure, community and practical application. Not everyone needs a pack like this, but those who do know a good one when they see it.

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