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Container #2 expected in Arizona next week. Delivery schedule coming by Feb 10th. Thanks everyone!!
Steps and Instructions


Hi and welcome back! This page is the landing page for final payments. As a quick reminder, when you reserved your pack you paid a 50% fully refundable deposit. Today you are back to make your final payment and finalize your order details.

As part of the process please follow the steps listed below. You will need to confirm your pack details and belt size and style. After completing these steps, you will get a separate email with your perks points code.

Please login to your account to confirm your pack reservation details before doing any of these steps. Please do not switch packs >> account login

As part of checkout you will need to agree to the terms and FAQ listed at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions, reach out to me or Pro Support. I can't wait for you to get your packs dirty!

Cheers and thanks,


A FEW FAQ's: More below...

When will I get my pack >>

At this time I do not have a firm date or deadline. I estimate packs will start shipping to customers in late February and it will take between 30-45 days to complete the process. Packs will be shipped based on wave and reservation date. A detailed shipping schedule will be provided. Please check the DPU page for these details.

Before checkout, check order history >>

Make sure you are getting the pack you reserved. Double check your reservation here >> Account Login

Can I switch packs?

Only if you contacted us prior and we edited your original order. Please proceed with the pack of your choice as part of your final payment. If you did not contact us prior please do not switch over from one pack to another.

Double check your final order details ??

After completing checkout, you will get a detailed order confirmation email. It is your responsibility to check this email.

Make sure your pack, hip belt and parts are as expected and let us know right away if something is not. Mistakes happen and are super easy to correct before we ship your pack.



Early Birds went 1st



vs. $65 / $45 for other waves



vs. $425 for other waves


After completing your final payment, return to this page to pick your parts using your perks code.


What is the difference between a reservation and final payment?

A reservation is required for packs that are on the way. Your deposit is fully refundable and equal to 50% of the purchase price. The final payment covers the balance plus shipping.

How will I know when to make my final payment?

You will get an email. The site will also be updated with the details when it is time. Once you have been notified you will have 5 days to pick your pack and make your final payment. Please understand we cannot hold packs based on reservations. Only the final payment secures your pack and delivery.

Explain more about the perks?

The perks program started as a way to say thank you and off-set the long wait times during the first production run. Due to the success of this program, limited time perks will be included with in-stock packs as well as future reservations. Perks points work like gift cards and can be used to unlock any of the items from our Cargo Accessory line.

Can I switch and get the other pack instead?

Only if you contacted us prior and we edited your original order. Please proceed with the pack of your choice as part of your final payment. If you did not contact us prior please do not switch over from one pack to another.

What if I order the wrong pack?

After each order you will get a detailed order confirmation email. It is your responsibility to check this email. Please make sure your order is as expected and let us know right away if it is not. Mistakes happen and are super easy to correct before we ship your pack.

Can I get a refund before making payment 2/2?

Yes of course. If at anytime the timelines do not work for you please let us know and we will refund you right away and cancel your order. The terms of the reservation program allow for exactly this situation.

Can I get a refund after payment 2/2?

Yes! If after paying payment 2/2 and before we ship your pack, you can get a full 100% refund for any reason.

Do I really get 100 Days for Return or Exchange?

Yes! You get 100 days to make sure you love your Atlas Pack. 100 days to return/exchange. Please know exchanges are limited to items in stock. Please contact us using the chat widget. To be eligible for a return or an exchange, your pack must be in like new condition when returned.

I have a different address for my final payment?

The shipping address you include with your final payment is the address we are shipping your pack to. If you need to change the address after making your final payment please contact Pro Support.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

No. We only ship via FedEx and FedEx does not delivery to PO Boxes. Please find a Walgreens near you and use this as your shipping address.

Will signature be required for delivery?

No. Atlas Packs does not require signature upon delivery. It is your responsibility to manage your own shipment and delivery. Please arrange to have your package held directly with FedEx. Thank you.

More shipping what if...

If you refuse shipment or do not arrange for FedEx to hold your shipment, any and all shipping costs related to the return of your pack to the Atlas Packs shop or any abandoment fees will be passed on to you. Please know FedEx adds penalty fees and very high return shipping costs. Much better to hold and then arrange to ship back.

What happens if I select a different wave when I make payment 2?

Expect to get an email from Pro Support and an invoice for the difference. Same if you overpay, we will refund you any difference.

Bugs on the site and during checkout

It's easy to get confused and add one too many items to your cart by accident. The system has some checks and balances built in but can easily be tricked / confused. If you have too many items (ie.. hip belts in your order, we will simply edit the order on the backend and the system will send out a notification.

I have more than 1 pack reserved

First, thank you, you are awesome :). Second, you will need to pay for each pack separately, this means making x2 separate payments due to limitations with the shopify app.

Of note: We do have a shipping rate for "two packs in a box" and will refund you the difference on the backend. Please use the same order number if you reserved x2 packs initially. Please use the order numbers for each order if you reserved separately.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping has gotten super expensive. Please keep in mind the size and weight of the pack and box. It is an expensive item to ship and the amounts we charge are still below our costs. Rates are subject to change.

USA: FedEx Ground $15
Canada: $35USD
Rest of the World: $55+USD


Are the packs waterproof?

No, Atlas Packs does not make waterproof packs.

Here is what you can expect in terms of protection from the elements. The outer shell is made of very light and strong rip-stop material with a x2 durable water repellent coating.

Additionally, a raincover with welded seams is included with the purchase of your pack and provides for excellent coverage.

Combined, the x2 durable water repellent coating and the raincover will keep your camera gear safe and dry. However, you can fully expect some moisture to work its way into your pack under certain conditions and environments.

Now that I have made you aware, if you are a heavy sweater, if you take the pack into very humid environments, if decide to run through a bunch of waterfalls or spend hours walking through the rain, etc, be proactive don't throw away the moisture packets that come with your pack.

Save them and drop a few in the stretch pocket on the inside backpanel and a few in the key fob pocket.

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

Your Atlas Pack comes with a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our packs and service unconditionally and will repair or replace defective packs at no cost.

Our lifetime warranty covers manufacturers defects as well as issues that make your pack unusable or to no longer function as designed.

Things that are not included in the warranty include but are not limited to; rips, scrapes and tears, water and moisture damage, stains, blemishes, normal wear and tear, failure due to misuse, or lack of care or just doing something stupid.

PS: If you ever decide to sell your Atlas Pack, tell the new owner the warranty stays with the pack.

Does Atlas Packs hold any patents and trademarks?

Yes. Atlas Packs, LLC, holds numerous US and Foreign
Trademarks and has additional trademarks and pending patent application(s).

US Patent 11,033,086
US Trademark Reg. No. 88/880,609
US Trademark Reg. No. 88/520,182
US Trademark Reg. No. 86/345,525
EUTM Reg. No. 017949901
CNIPA Reg. No. 33641394

What is the Atlas Packs Liability Policy?

Thanks to our amazing in-house council Andrew, Atlas Packs is not liable for anything you or others do while using our products.

This includes, but is not limited to, anything placed inside your pack such as camera or video gear, personal items, food and drink, wedding rings, small children or animals, etc..

Atlas Packs is also not liable should you injure yourself or do harm to others, the environment or your surroundings while using our products. Be responsible. Follow the rules and take care of your pack and it will take care of you.


Does Atlas Packs really offer import duty refunds?

Yes! Atlas Packs is the only company that offers Import Duty Refunds. All you need to do is send a copy of the full invoice to Pro Support.

The Import Duty refund is designed to cover the costs of importing the pack. It does not cover VAT. Only duty and the maximum refund is limited to 5% of your purchase price.

This means, if you paid $425.00 for your pack, we will refund up to $21.25USD. This and all offers are subject to change.

How much is VAT & DUTY?

The VAT is based on where you live and is a standard rate.

The IMPORT DUTY rates are based on your country/province and range from zero to more than 25% in some parts of the world. Most countries only charge around 5% of the total purchase price.

What happens if I do not pay the VAT / DUTY?

It is your responsibility to pay your own taxes. Do not refuse shipment because you do not want to pay the VAT. Atlas Packs does not accept returns if the taxes have not been paid.

If you refuse shipment then FedEx adds penalty fees and very high return shipping costs. As an example: If you live in the EU / UK and do not accept delivery, FedEx will charge more than $350 to return the shipment and these costs are your responsibility.

These extra fees are easily avoidable. Simply accept delivery and contact Pro Support that you want to make a return. This makes the return process much easier for everyone.

Abandoned / refused shipments are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus the cost of all shipping charges (outbound and return).

Why does Atlas Packs not collect these fee at time of purchase?

There is no way for Atlas Packs to collect these funds. International customers are responsible for the payment of any and all fees, tax, VAT and Import Duty charges. Unlike USA customers, none of these fees are included in the totals you pay to Atlas Packs.

How does the collection of VAT & DUTY work?

Your local FedEx will contact you regarding how to pay. They will invoice you either before or after delivery. To be clear... You are agreeing to accept delivery of your pack and pay FedEx for the DUTY and VAT.

What if I ship to a USA address, is there still sales tax?

It depends. If you visit or live in the United States, sales tax is based on your shipping address. When applicable, the sales tax amount is included in the total paid to Atlas Packs. Atlas Packs then pays this amount to the local tax authorities.