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Welcome to Atlas Packs.

At Atlas Packs we design and manufacture small runs of custom fit camera backpacks. Guaranteed to fit better and carry lighter than traditional camera bags. Currently all packs and hip belts are in stock! Text or chat if you have any questions. Thanks!


Pack Size: 20-40 liters
Expandable Liters: 20 liters
Inches: 21 / 23H x 11W x 7D
CM: 53.5 / 53.8H x 28w x 18D
Laptop: Fits 16" MacBook Pro
Weight: 4.5lbs
Origami Folds:
Single Fold
Origami Depth: Shallow

The award winning Atlas Athlete is the most versatile camera pack on the market. The new generation 2022 Atlas Athlete Pack is designed with amazing access, organization and expansion.

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Pack Size: 35-60 liters
Expandable Liters: 30 liters
Inches: 24H x 11.25Wx 9D
CM: 61H x 28w x 23D
Laptop: Fits 17" laptops
Weight: 5.95lbs
Origami Folds:
Double Fold
Origami Depth: Deep
The new generation 2022 Atlas Adventure is smaller on the outside and bigger on the inside and designed to exceed the needs of today’s travel and adventure photographers.

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2022 Carryology Champion

"With adventure photography, nothing is constant. Maybe it’s sunny one day and snowing the next. Perhaps you need to carry a large load for a multi-day trip or a compact setup for a day outing. You may need to trek up mountains or trek through airports to reach your destination. So adaptability is key. And the Atlas Packs Athlete Pack is all about adaptability."

The Atlas Athlete Pack is the Camera Bag of the Year


Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine featured the Atlas Athlete Pack in their Summer Buyers Guide. FYI: This is the GEN.1 Athlete Pack model (available from 2018 - 2021). The logo on the prior generation of packs was much larger then than it is now.

Atlas Packs wins Best Travel Photography Gear from Outside Magazine

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Guaranteed to fit better and carry lighter than camera bags!

Hi, I'm Allan Henry, Partner and General Manager, I'm also a photographer like many of you. For more than decade I've worked as a photojournalist with USA Today Sports. I've spent more than 10,000 hours shooting from fairways and dugouts and traveled to hundreds of media centers all over the world.

At Atlas Packs we make custom fitted camera backpacks. This means having a pack with a frame size and hip belt that can be removed and are sized to fit. While common in the work of outdoors, Atlas Packs is the only photography brand to offer this service.

Why spend your money on a camera bag that only fits your gear. Get one that fits everything including you!

For centuries, countless explorers have trusted an atlas to help navigate the globe. We chose the name Atlas as the name for our packs, a brand that helps guide and lead the way. Thank you for the consideration and support and remember, a dirty pack is a happy pack!


  • For the same price as a camera bag you can get a custom fit Atlas Pack.

    The atlaspacks.com site is setup to make the process easy. All packs are the same price and everything you need comes included, including a promotional perks points store credit so you can unlock parts and accessories for use with your new pack. 

  • Amazing Direct-to-Consumer Service & Support

    Atlas Packs is a direct-to-consumer brand. All packs ship from our shop in Arizona directly to you! And after your pack has been delivered, we've got your back. If you need help getting your fit dialed in, let's setup a video call.

  • What's Included with Purchase

    At Atlas Packs all packs are the same price and everything you need comes included:

    + Pack, Dividers, Frame, Rain Cover
    + Lifetime Warranty (transfers w/sale)
    + 100 Days to Return / Exchange
    + 1 Year Theft Protection (USA)

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Sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest part. So we made a page called, Which pack should I get? To help answer all of the questions we get about which pack you should get.

  • Which pack is best for me?
  • + Pick your Pack
  • + What's included with purchase
  • + Choosing your hip belt
  • + Inventory & Stock Updates