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Due to COVID reservations are required on all packs.



Production is limited.


Atlas Athlete (left) Atlas Adventure (right)




Hi everyone and welcome to the shop. The team and I are hard at work finalizing the new content and details for the 2021 packs. I'm @allanhenry, GM and Partner here at Atlas Packs.

At Atlas Packs our goal is to make buying a camera bag online easy. Over the years we've helped fit thousands of happy customers all over the world and are here to help you. All packs are the same price and everything you need comes included with purchase.

Typically packs are in-stock and available for purchase. Due to COVID, reservations are now required. We are currently accepting reservations for our Fall Waves due in Nov/Dec. All Early Bird and Summer Waves are sold out - Thank you :).

If you already have a reservation and have been reading my dirty pack updates, then you know the first container has been loaded up and on the way, final payment details will be provided soon.

If you are new, please checkout the info on the learn pages and let us know if you have any questions. We love to chat and respond promptly.

For the latest delivery dates and estimates, please see the last dirty pack update.

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Please see the following sections for updates regarding shipping status. Please understand we are working as fast as we can to ship out your packs and have a lot of orders to go through.

Early Birds: Complete

We have 17 Earlybird packs that have not shipped. Please check your email. We are awaiting confirmation on a size and/or perks selection. We cannot ship your pack until we hear from you.

Summer Wave 1: Complete

We have 20 Summer Wave 1 packs that have not shipped. Please check your email. We are awaiting confirmation on a size and/or perks selection. We cannot ship your pack until we hear from you.

Summer Wave 2: Complete

Summer Wave 2 shipments are currently in progress. All packs will ship by November 5th. We have emailed many of you regarding perks and final pack selection, thank you for your quick responses.

Summer Wave 3: Complete [Nov 5-20]

Summer Wave 3 shipments are up next. If you have an immediate need for your pack before November 20th please contact us via chat.

Summer Wave 4: Complete [Nov 20-25]

Summer Wave 4 shipments is a smaller wave and should be complete ahead of schedule. If you have an immediate need for your pack before November 20th please contact us via chat.

Fall Wave 1: On schedule > Nov 25-30

Fall Wave 1 shipments will start on November 25th and be complete by Nov. 30th.

Fall Wave 2: On Schedule > Nov 30 - Dec 15

Fall Wave 2 is our biggest wave. We will make sure to ship all available pack for delivery before the holidays. International shipments will be upgraded to priority shipping at no additional cost where available.

Say hello to the new 2021 Atlas Athlete Pack

What makes the Athlete Pack so unique? This one pack can be sized anywhere from 20-40 liters and is guaranteed to fit better and carry lighter than your current camera bag. Why? It’s not some type of voodoo magic. It’s basic backpack fitting 101.



Step 1: Pick your Pack

Yellow Pack shown is an Atlas Athlete Pack in large. The black Pack shown is the Atlas Adventure Pack also in large.

To start you need to pick your pack. Here at Atlas Packs the process is really easy. Everything you need comes included, all packs are the same price and we only have two packs, the Adventure and Athlete.

Each pack has distinct features and benefits and for 2021, the lines between the two Packs have grown closer together. All of the info behind the history of each pack as well as the details regarding the updates are covered here (Athlete / Adventure).

For anyone that creates content and needs to carry both camera and non-camera gear, we understand that your needs are constantly changing and evolving.

The team and I are here to help if you have any questions or need some advice on which pack will work best for you.

**Full details on all the difference and similarities between the packs are in the works and will be provided


Step 2: Choose the pack size that’s right for you

Gray Pack shown is a large without Hip Belt. Yellow Pack shown is a medium with a small/medium Athlete Hip Belt.

For 2021 the Athlete Pack is available in 2 different shell sizes (Medium and Large) and 2 standard frame heights (Medium and Large). The Adventure Pack comes in 1 shell size and 2 torso lengths via different height backpanels and shoulder straps.

New for 2021: The LARGE shell Athlete Pack now has a dedicated slot to secure the MEDIUM frame. This makes the large shell Athlete Pack much shorter (about 20in / 51in) and perfect for airline travel as well as daily carry.

Of Note: A detailed fitting guide with a breakdown of torso length to frame height will be provided.


Step 3: Choose the hip belt that fits your figure

Large Adventure Pack shown with large Adventure hip belt.

Our secret sauce, a proper hiking hip belt that loads the weight away from your shoulders and onto your hips.

All Atlas Packs hip belt's are interchangeable and can be used with all packs. And because the hip belt is removable, it's easy to make your pack smaller when you need; perfect for daily use and light loads

A hip belt of choice is included with the purchase of your pack. The names of the belts are the same as the packs (Athlete and Adventure).


For 2021, hip belts now including MOLLE loops, come in size ranges from SMALL/MED through XXL/XXXL in numerous colorways and styles.

**Of note, we are still confirming the final production sizes and specifications for the 2021 Hip Belts. The site will be update with this information at the appropriate time.


The Atlas Packs line of camera backpacks are tested and reviewed by the world's premier outdoor publications including National Geographic and Outside Magazine.

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In this configuration the Athlete Pack is setup at about 20liters. Inside the pack you have 10 liters of space for camera gear and 10 liters of space for camping. 10 liters of camping space is enough for a laptop, lunch and a layer or two of clothing.



At about 30 liters the Athlete Pack is able to hold a ton of gear and is the perfect size for day trips and overnights where are not packing food. In this confirmation you can expect the Athlete Pack to fit under the seat



In this configuration the Athlete Pack is setup at about 40 liters, the maximum volume of this pack. The top height has increased significantly and now the pack is 25inches / 63.5cm tall. The depth of the pack has nearly doubled and now measures 13in / 33cm. At this size the pack will not fit under a seat and will have to go in an overhead bin.

New for 2021


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International Customers

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Import Duty Refunds: Now Available for Reservations

**Duty refunds now apply to reservations.

We've made it really easy to buy and Atlas Pack from outside of the United States, we even refund your import duty fees. Atlas Packs does not have any retailer, stockists or warehouses in the EU or UK. All sales and service are provided directly from us to you. If you need anything call us for free or chat. When your pack arrives FedEx will bill you for VAT and DUTY charges. We will refund the DUTY portion of the charges only.

limited production

New Dark Gray Atlas Adventure Pack

20-40 Liter Volume

Atlas Athlete Pack

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40-60 Liter Volume

Atlas Adventure Pack

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