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Container #2 expected in Arizona next week. Delivery schedule coming by Feb 10th. Thanks everyone!!
NEW FOR 2022

Atlas Packs makes custom fit camera backpacks

Why spend your money on a camera bag that only fits your gear. Get one that also fits you!

What's in a name

For centuries, explorers have trusted an atlas to help guide the way.

Photo| @jacksongroves

Venture Far...

Dreamy dividers that spoon camera gear


Explore Wide...

All packs available for order. Delivery starts in Feb.

Limited Packs available for Spring Wave 1 Delivery

Why Atlas Packs


Hello and welcome to Atlas Packs. If you are in need of a new camera bag you are in the right place. Atlas Packs does not make camera bags, we make camera packs and it's lucky you found us. There are a number of important reasons why you should consider a pack instead of a bag when it comes to your camera gear.

Let's start with space for non-camera gear. How much room do you need? Atlas Packs compress down and expand out to double in size. This expansion is where the non-camera gear goes. Camera bags don't expand out or compress down like Atlas Packs, this is why they only have room for camera gear.

When it comes to your camera gear, how much do you have invested? Camera gear is the heaviest, most expensive and delicate item you will carry on your back. Atlas Packs, have a sewn-in, shape-shifting camera core that spoons camera gear so it's safe and secure and feels connected with your body when you move.

Camera bags lack structure and need to be filled with smaller bags or cubes with dividers for camera gear. Having all this extra fabric adds weight and drives up costs and results in gear that is not well secured and carries heavier than it should.

To help deal with all that heavy weight, Atlas Packs have proper hiking hip belts designed to transfer 90% of the weight to your hips. Everybody knows camera bags don't come with proper hiking hip belts. 

For all these reasons and more, we started Atlas Packs. There are two custom fitted camera backpacks in our line, the Athlete and the Adventure. Let's get into the details...

Q1-2022 Delivery



Hi everyone. Since my last update FedEx has informed me that the container has cleared customs but can't leave the dock because there are no "chassis" available. Atlas is now having to pay $250/day in "demurrage" fees because the trucker can't pull the container b/c there are no chassis. If you have a chassis available at the Port of LA, please call me ;).

I'm sharing this b/c the chassis shortage is a great example of why everything costs more and takes longer nowadays. The crazy part is, there are plenty of chassis sitting idle but can't be used. As a small business owner, pinch points like this are incredibly frustrating.

With that said, I expect the container to be delivered next week and I will publish a delivery schedule based on wave / reservation date around Feb 10th.

If you have any questions please contact Pro Support.

Thank You.


Awards & Accolades


As a rule, Atlas Packs does not pay for reviews or send copies of packs to influencers and youtubers ahead of customers. Customers are our only priority and what you have to say is all that really matters.

Now that the new packs are getting out into the wild, I can't wait to read your reviews and watch your videos. What are some of your favorite new features on the new generation of pack? 

Personally I'm the most excited about the new buckles, the deeper camera core, the smaller height on the Adventure and the side access on the Athlete. Oh and the MOLLE too!

Of note: Atlas Packs does make production copies of packs available for editorial reviews and internal use. Over the year's we've worked with many of the world's premier publications and outdoor brands. Here's what they said about our prior generation of packs.

Our photo engineer tested over 40 camera bags, so you don't have to. Access your camera through the back panel through an innovative, origami-like panel that can pop in or out to vary your storage.
Tom O'Brien, National Geographic | The Best Camera Bags for Travelers
Atlas’s 40-liter ­hauler carries like a hiking pack. The rear-access compartment keeps equipment secure, with room for everything else in an origami pocket that lets you shift space around.
Hayden Carpenter, Outside Magazine | The Best Travel Photography Gear of 2020
Imagine a proper backpacking pack—engineered to support a heavy load and distribute weight ergonomically—and then insert camera and lens compartments >>
Crystal Sagan, Ski Magazine | The Best Camera Backpacks for Skiers
Building a Camera Bag Company Designed and Inspired By Active Photographers the Right Way. At Atlas Packs they are working to cater to and listen to the consumers.
Chris Ramsey Jr. | Fstoppers.com
The Athlete is neither a hiking pack with a built-in camera system nor a camera bag that’s been optimized for outdoor use. It walks the line between these two expertly, providing all the support, adjustability and varied storage space of an outdoor pack with the organization and storage that photographers need.
Tanner Bowden, Gear Patrol | Atlas Athlete Camera Pack Review: An Adventure Camera Bag to Rival the Best
Chalk up the pack’s efficiencies to the Atlas “Origami Camera Core,” which allows photographers to reconfigure and shift space between the camera and non-camera sections of the pack.
Chuck Graham | Field Tested: Atlas Athlete Camera Pack

Guaranteed to fit better and carry 15-20% lighter than your camera bag

Custom fitted backpacks are common in the world of outdoors. It means having a frame size and hip belt that can be removed and sized to fit. Why spend your money on a camera bag that only fits your gear. Get one that fits everything including you!

Hello and welcome to the newly updated Atlas Packs shop, I'm Allan Henry, Partner and General Manager, I'm also a photographer like many of you.

For centuries, countless explorers have trusted an atlas to help navigate the globe. We chose the name Atlas as the name for our packs, a brand that helps guide and lead the way.

Today, Atlas Packs designs and manufactures a world class line of travel and hiking camera backpacks. We are a direct-to-consumer brand focused on providing professional level service and support to our customers.

The Atlas Packs team is small, our shop is based in Phoenix, Arizona and we ship our packs world-wide. We do not have retailers or distributors. The Atlas Packs site is setup to make the process easy. When you call we pick-up. If you text, we text back. We've perfected the art of buying a camera bag online and are here to help you. Please know responses now take up to 24hrs with the holidays, sorry for the delay.

When COVID hit, I took full advantage of the lockdowns and lulls on the sewing lines and pushed my team in the Philippines, to retool and redesign the new generation of Atlas Packs.

No expense was spared, no detail overlooked. We sourced from the best factories, added new materials and blends, curated and experimented and added features and functions all based on your insight and feedback. After 5 years and listening and learning, the next generation of Atlas Packs are now available both in-stock and reservation.

There will come time when we are once again free to roam. To explore far, to venture wide. And when that times comes, ask yourself what brand you trust to carry on your back. Atlas makes camera backpacks built for the modern day explorer. By you and for you, let's bring back the world(r).

Thank you for the consideration and support and remember, a dirty pack is a happy pack!


Start Here:


The price is $440. This price is all inclusive. This means everything you need comes included, from the hip belt, to dividers, raincover, frame and a selection of parts from our perks page.

Each pack has distinct features and benefits and for 2022 the lines between the two have grown closer together. This photos shows how little height difference there is between Athlete in yellow and Adventure in black All of this info and the history behind of each pack are covered here (Athlete / Adventure).

If you have any questions hit chat. Once you have decided, it's time to choose your size.



For 2022, the Adventure Pack (as shown here) is available in 1 shell size and 2 torso lengths via different height backpanels and shoulder straps (large on left, medium on right).

The Athlete Pack is available in 2 different shell sizes (Medium and Large) and 2 standard frame heights (Medium and Large).

New for 2022: The LARGE shell Athlete Pack now has a dedicated slot to secure the MEDIUM frame. This makes the large shell Athlete Pack much shorter (about 20in / 51in) and perfect for airline travel as well as daily carry.



Our secret sauce, a proper hiking hip belt that loads the weight away from your shoulders and onto your hips. All Atlas Packs hip belt's are interchangeable and can be used with all packs. And because the hip belt is removable, it's easy to make your pack smaller when you need; perfect for daily use and light loads

The names of the belts are the same as the packs (Athlete and Adventure). For 2022, hip belts including MOLLE loops, come in size ranges from SMALL/MED through XXL/XXXL in numerous colorways and styles.

Please checkout after adding a hip-belt to your cart. Your perks points code will be sent via email and must be used separately.



When it comes to personalization and ways to customize your pack, Atlas Packs has a bevy of options and the best part is, it's all included as part of the purchase of your pack.

ANY of the items in our Pack Parts Collection are up for grabs. Perk points are based wave and work just like a store credit. You use your perk points to unlock (aka pay for) any items from our pack parts collection.



At Atlas Packs our goal is to make buying a camera bag online easy. Over the years we've helped fit thousands of happy customers all over the world and are here to help you. All packs are the same price and everything you need comes included with purchase.