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When it comes to returns, hitting the neighborhood trail for a trial is totally cool. Trekking the packs on your bucketlist waterfall is not!


The goal at Atlas Packs is to have conversations and build relationships with our customers. If something is not working please reach out to Pro Support so we can listen and learn. To get the conversation started, please read this page before you buy a pack to learn about our policies and procedures.

Cheers and thanks,


You get 100 days to make sure you love your Atlas Pack.  Please know exchanges are limited to items in stock and for purchased made directly on To be eligible for a return or an exchange, your pack must be in like new condition when returned.


Your Atlas Pack comes with a lifetime warranty. We stand behind our packs and service unconditionally and will repair or replace defective packs at no cost. Please see the details below.


The only way to control the weight of heavy camera gear is with a properly sized and structured hip belt. The bottom of the hip belt should be at the exact same height as the bottom of your camera bag but it's not. Don't believe me, check out your profile in a mirror. Atlas Packs hip belts are never higher than the bottom of the pack!!

What is your return policy?

The reason you get 100 days is to make sure you love your Atlas Packs. And just in case you don't, making a return or exchange is easy.

Requests must be submitted within 100 days from the date your pack was delivered. Once approved the pack can be shipped back to the address listed in the website footer.  

Please know: We do not provide pre-paid labels for returns.  All return shipping costs are to be paid by the customer 

Restocking Fees: Any packs shipped back without approval are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Used packs are subject to a 35% restocking fee.

I need to make an exchange.

To be eligible for an exchange, your pack must be in like new condition.

To start an exchange, please send a couple of snaps of your pack to Pro Support via chat along with the pack you want instead.

Please know: We are not able to provide pre-paid labels for returns.  All return shipping and secondary outbound costs will be paid by the customer.

Can hip belts be exchanged / returned?

As part of a pack exchange within the first 100 days yes. If you need a different size or style hip belt, just let us know. Please contact Pro Support with your order number.

*only customers purchasing directly from are eligible.

What if I make a mistake when I order?

After each order you will get a detailed order confirmation email. It is your responsibility to check this email.

Please make sure your order is as expected and let us know right away if it is not. Mistakes happen and are super easy to correct before we ship your pack.

What other return policies are there to be aware of?

Please make sure you return all parts and accessories including all dividers, hip belt, frame and raincover. A restocking fee equal will be charged for any parts not returned.

We do not refund outbound shipping and will charge a restocking fee of 35% for packs that show signs of use. If your pack is not "like new" please let us when you request to make the return.


You can easily check the shipping rates before you checkout. They are listed as soon as you add an item to your cart. You can easily see the delivery dates and costs by entering your zip code.

Can I add insurance / signature verification?

Yes. By default USA and INTL shipments are sent without insurance or signature verification. These shipments are sent via a FedEx / USPS partnership at a highly discounted rate.

As a result, if you need to manage your delivery, want signature upon
delivery or want to insure your shipment, you will need to pay for the upgraded shipping method.

Please contact Pro Support for details before we ship your pack!

How long before my order ships?

The timelines listed at checkout are accurate. If you need to know specific dates please contact Pro Support.

What if I need my order to arrive next day?

We offer next day and 2 day service. Please select at checkout and then follow-up with Pro Support to confirm. Thank you.

Is shipping free in the USA?

For orders over $485 yes.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Not via FedEx. We do offer USPS shipping can can ship to PO Boxes.

Is signature required / are the shipments insured against theft or loss?

No. Atlas Packs does not require signature upon delivery. It is your
responsibility to manage your own shipment and delivery.

For shipping insurance the cost is $4.50. Please contact Pro Support to arrange for this service.

What if I refuse or don't accept delivery?

if you refuse shipment and/or provide information that results in your pack been returned without prior approval, any and all shipping costs related to the return of your pack to the Atlas Packs shop or any
abandonment fees will be charged back to your account. Please know
FedEx adds penalty fees and very high return shipping costs. Much better to hold and then arrange to ship back.


The only way to control the weight of heavy camera gear is with a properly sized and structured hip belt. The bottom of the hip belt should be at the exact same height as the bottom of your camera bag but it's not. Don't believe me, check out your profile in a mirror. Atlas Packs hip belts are never higher than the bottom of the pack!!

What if I'm between sizes?

Check your torso length with the string cut to 18". If you are exactly between sizes, reach out to Pro Support for advice. It's important to get the right size pack. if the pack is too tall, weight will not distribute properly.

Why do I need to cut the string at exactly 18"/45.5cm?

The tipping point between sizes (for both the Athlete and the Adventure Pack) is an 18"/45.5cm torso length.

What if I get the wrong size?

We will setup a call or ask that you send over some photos. Chances are all you need is some help with a fitting. If we do need to swap you out we have discounted shipping rates.


The only way to control the weight of heavy camera gear is with a properly sized and structured hip belt. The bottom of the hip belt should be at the exact same height as the bottom of your camera bag but it's not. Don't believe me, check out your profile in a mirror. Atlas Packs hip belts are never higher than the bottom of the pack!!

Explain how the lifetime warranty works

The Atlas Packs lifetime warranty covers manufacturers defects that
result in your pack becoming unusable or to no longer function as
designed. Generally speaking, warranty issues are readily evident and dealt with inside of the first 100 days of ownership. Issues that arise
from normal wear and tear as well as lack of care are NOT covered under warranty.

What is not covered under the lifetime warranty?

Things that are not included in the lifetime warranty include but are not limited to normal wear, tear, rips, scrapes, tears, water and moisture damage, stains, blemishes, failure due to misuse, lack of care or just doing something stupid.

What this means is that if you take care of your pack you can expect a
lifetime of use without any issues. If you don't take care of your pack, then you can expect wear and tear and damage to impact the life and
these are not covered under warranty.

What about broken buckles? Are they covered under the lifetime warranty?

It depends. Buckles break for a variety of reasons and are typically theses reasons are not covered under the lifetime warranty,

For a buckle to be covered under warranty, the damage would have had to happen during the manufacturing process and be broken/defective upon delivery.

All buckles go through a series of tests as part of the sewing stage at the factory and when each pack is shipped from our warehouse to you and defective buckles are usually identified and replaced before packs are shipped to customers.

It's not unexpected for buckles to break or snap and why Atlas Packs offers a $5 five buckle buckle pack. Often the damage happens from the buckle getting pinched or jammed in a door or hard edge and this results in a lot of extra pressure that goes well beyond the pressure from usage under the click in and release motion

To make sure you are covered, the $5 buckle pack includes a bevy of extra buckles and pulls!

How to start a warranty claim.

Send over some photos / a video of the issue to Pro Support. We will review and let you know next steps.

Atlas Packs will repair or replace at no costs any packs impacted by any manufacturers defects. Customers are responsible for the return of any packs to the Atlas Packs Shop for warranty and repairs.

How the warranty works

Atlas Packs will repair or replace at no costs any packs impacted by
any manufacturers defects. Customers are responsible for the return of any packs to the Atlas Packs Shop for warranty and repairs.

Warranty Shipping info

Please ship your pack to:
4343 E OUTLIER BLVD #107 or #100

INBOUND SHIPPING COSTS: Customers are responsible for shipping packs for all warranty and repair work.


USA: $15 for USPS for packs repaired or replaced under warranty.

INTL: Packs repaired or replaced under warranty for customers outside of the USA will be shipped back at a discounted rate based on market rates.

Are the packs waterproof?

No, Atlas Packs does not make waterproof packs.

Here is what you can expect in terms of protection from the elements. The outer shell is made of very light and strong rip-stop material with a x2 durable water repellent coating.

Additionally, a raincover with welded seams is included with the purchase of your pack and provides for excellent coverage.

Combined, the x2 durable water repellent coating and the raincover will keep your camera gear safe and dry. However, you can fully expect some moisture to work its way into your pack under certain conditions and environments.

Now that I have made you aware, if you are a heavy sweater, if you take the pack into very humid environments, if decide to run through a bunch of waterfalls or spend hours walking through the
rain, etc, be proactive don't throw away the moisture packets that come with your pack.

Save them and drop a few in the stretch pocket on the inside backpanel and a few in the key fob pocket.

Our right to refuse service for any reason

At Atlas Packs we only service happy customers. If we can't make you happy, we reserve the right to refuse to provide any service or sale for any reason.

Right to correct pricing after sale

Please understand that we reserve the right to correct pricing for any orders for any reason and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. If a discount code or shipping rate be incorrect at checkout due to a mistake or bug, please understand we will require additional payment prior to shipping your pack. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

What is the Atlas Packs Liability Policy?

Thanks to our amazing in-house council Andrew, Atlas Packs is not liable for anything you or others do while using our products.

This includes, but is not limited to, anything placed inside your pack such as camera or video gear, personal items, food and drink, wedding rings, small children or animals, etc..

Atlas Packs is also not liable
should you injure yourself or do harm to others, the environment or your surroundings while using our products. Be responsible. Follow the rules and take care of your pack and it will take care of you.

Does Atlas Packs hold any patents and trademarks?

Yes. Atlas Packs, LLC, holds numerous US and Foreign
Trademarks and has additional trademarks and pending patent application(s).

US Patent 11,033,086
US Trademark Reg. No. 88/880,609
US Trademark Reg. No. 88/520,182
US Trademark Reg. No. 86/345,525
EUTM Reg. No. 017949901
CNIPA Reg. No. 33641394


Stoked to hear you just got a used Atlas Pack. If you need anything just tap chat and connect with our Pro Support!

Is my new used pack still covered under warranty?

The short answers is YES! Checkout the full details in our warranty FAQ below.

Should I keep the old hip belt?

Yuck and no! Even if the hip belt that comes with the pack fits you, buy a new hip belt.


Please note, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any pack parts from used or new packs purchased from other sources including frames, rain-covers, dividers, hip belts or other parts and accessories.

Is pack sizing different for used Atlas Packs?

The torso sizing for the GEN1 and GEN2 packs is the same. A torso length of 18" is the cut-off between the medium and large size packs.

Please be sure to check your torso length before purchasing a used Atlas Pack. Frames cannot be swapped out to make a medium pack large or a large pack a medium.

Is it easy to tell the difference between packs and when one was made?

There are numerous differences between the releases and it can be hard to tell which pack was made when. If you have any questions just send Pro Support a photo and we're happy to help.



If you live outside of the USA and wish to order an Atlas Pack, here's what you need to know..

The price of the pack does not include any SALES TAXES, VAT or IMPORT DUTY charges. All of these fees are billed by FedEx when they deliver your pack.

You are responsible for paying your own SALES TAX, VAT and IMPORT DUTY based on the laws of your country and government. As part of the process FedEx will bill you on behalf of your government. 

How much will my DUTY and VAT be?

The backpacks are imported under HS TARRIF CODE: 42029291 and each country charges fees such as VAT/GST and import duty fees. 

Does Atlas Packs offer any type of refunds to help with DUTY?

It depends. Some countries have very high import duty rates. We will offer to refund up to 5% of your purchase price if your duty charges are more than 5%. Please check with Pro Support for details.

Are there other fees?

**Please know FedEx may charge an additional $15-20 fee for electronic
customs clearance. This fee helps gets your pack to you much sooner but does increase the cost. This is not something we can change.


Does Atlas collect VAT and DUTY?

No. These charges are your responsibility. You will be notified via FedEx regarding customer clearance and the payment of fees.

What happens if I do not pay the VAT / DUTY??

It is your responsibility to pay your own taxes. Do not refuse shipment because you do not want to pay the VAT. Atlas Packs does not accept returns if the taxes have not been paid.

If you refuse shipment then FedEx adds penalty fees and very high return shipping costs. As an example: If you live in the EU / UK and do not accept delivery, FedEx will charge more than $350 to return the shipment and these costs are your responsibility.

These extra fees are easily avoidable. Simply accept delivery and contact Pro Support that you want to make a return. This makes the return process much easier for everyone.

Abandoned / refused shipments are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus the cost of all shipping charges (outbound and return).

Why does Atlas Packs not collect these fee at time of purchase?

There is no way for Atlas Packs to collect these funds. International
customers are responsible for the payment of any and all fees, tax, VAT and Import Duty charges. Unlike USA customers, none of these fees are included in the totals you pay to Atlas Packs.

How does the collection of VAT & DUTY work?

Your local FedEx will contact you regarding how to pay. They will
invoice you either before or after delivery. To be clear... You are
agreeing to accept delivery of your pack and pay FedEx for the DUTY and VAT.

What if I ship to a USA address, is there still sales tax?

Only if you ship to Arizona or pickup from our shop. If you visit or live in the United States, sales tax is
based on your shipping address. When applicable, the sales tax amount is included in the total paid to Atlas Packs. Atlas Packs then pays this amount to the local tax authorities.

I have more questions...

Please hit the chat button and let Pro Support know what your question is. We are always happy to help. Thank you.

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