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Atlas Adventure Pack - Features and Updates

Adventure Pack Features and Updates for the gen 2 pack

Atlas Adventure Pack - Features and Updates

Let's get into the details...

Let's deep dive into the features for each of the pack. Think about the feature set and usage relative to your needs. My goal here is to be factual and helpful and have spared you the marketing nonsense.

This first section includes all of the pack specific features. Common features and functions and detailed in the section below.

*this page is under-development


Provide a complete list of features

+ Removable overbuilt shoulder harness

+ Load lifter adjustable fit

+ Fireman style "Harrington" Side-Handle

+ Removable frame / stay

+ Numerous attachments points from MOLLE to axes and sleeping bags

+ Incredible weight distribution and support

+ 10mm thick and curvy dividers

+ Removable proper hiking hip belt

+ Two-fold Origami Camera Core (TM)

+ Weatherproof 240 Double Rip Stop shell

+ Water bladder loops and tube routing (fits 3 liters bladders)

+ x2 stretch side pockets (fits 48oz nalgene)

+ x2 hidden dump pouches (fits 48oz nalgene)

+ YKK Buckles and Zippers

+ Plus many many more...

Pack History and Info

We designed the Adventure Pack because camera bags are all giant boxes!  We wanted a thinner, more nimble design that holds weight close to the body and doesn’t impede movement in busy urban areas or while moving over terrain.

We also wanted a way to move space inside the pack without have to remove and insert anything and why we designed and developed our Origami Camera Core (TM). Camera bags are floppy and lack structure and have to be filled with smaller bags to secure camera gear. These systems add costs and weight and use a "pressure fit" design. Pressure fitting resulting in a fundamental compromise to a bags load carry why camera bags carry so much heavier than they actually weigh.

With the Adventure Pack, we've designed the worlds first and only true hybrid - and taken the best from the world of camera and the outdoors and combined them together. Countless awards and accolades. Battle tested world wide since 2018 by thousands of pros and armatures alike.

Get into details regarding the Origami Camera Core (TM)

Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, we invented and patented a new type of camera core. Unlike camera bag that need to be stuffed with ICU's or camera cubes, at Atlas Packs we design our packs with a sewn-in camera core. In the Athlete Pack, the top section of the camera core has movable fold that can easily be repositioned and in doing so, space shifts between the back and front sections of the pack.

The Origami Camera Core (TM) is a much better system when compared to camera bags that use ICU's because:

+ It's safer for camera gear
+ Distributes weight better
+ Holds more gear per/liter
+ Allows for both camera and amping gear
+ Can be resized on the fly


With an Adventure Pack, your camera gear is snug and secure and easily accessible without having to cinch the pack down. Said another way, the non-camera section is fully independent from the camera side and can be expanded and compressed down as needed.

And unlike camera bags, there are no camera-cores or inserts that go inside. These systems are expensive and poorly designed. All of your heavy camera gear is detached from the structure of the bag and the zippers keep the inserts in place via a "pressure fit".

We invented and patented our own method and instead of pressure, we use "friction". Friction is a key ingredient to the way our Origami Camera Core (TM) functions. Be sure to test out just how much pop and snap your the pocket has. We made significant improvements to friction and structure with new types of foam, the shaping of the foam (also called "skiving") as well as all the outer fabrics that connect everything to the pack and frame.

What about the logo, how much does it stand out?

The ATLAS logo on the front of the pack has been updated from the original design. The updated logo is both smaller and the colorway is tonal. You can expect the logo to fade out in the shadows and be somewhat visible in direct light.

What about shoulder straps shaped specifically for women?

Curved shoulder harness systems for women are recommend when hip belts are not adequate to support the load. When you have a properly sized pack and hip belt a straight shoulder harness works perfectly.

When does the updated version come out?

Features and functions and updates are made over time. There is no 'new' version of the pack coming next year. There will be new features and functions added over time based on customer feedback and usage.

Is there really a difference between packs and bags?

The difference is in the design. Bags are designed to hang on shoulders. Backpacks are designed to hang on hips. This simple difference makes a huge difference and why Atlas Packs are so comfortable and easy to carry.

There are so many problems with camera bags it's hard to know where to start. First, they come in fixed liter increments, who packs the exact amount every time! Next, they are floppy and lack structure and need to be filled with smaller bags or inserts just to stand up. All this extra adds weight and drives up costs and limits access to camera gear. And finding a camera bag that properly fits, good luck. Camera bags are sized based on liters, not torso length or waist size. That's because camera bags are designed to hang on your shoulders while packs are designed to hang on your hips.

Let's get into details on the features and functions specific to this pack.


The Adventure Pack features a two-fold deep Origami Camera Core (TM) with the ability to shift between three position and upwards of 25 liters of space between the front and back of the pack.


The depth of the Origami Camera Core (TM) allows for storage of big lenses and gripped bodies in the upright position


Removing the Adventure Pack frame takes less 5 seconds and can be done by hand.
Removing the frame allows the pack to easily fit carry-on dimensions.


The Adventure Pack includes a removable shoulder harness


The "fireman style" side-handle on the Adventure Pack was suggested by a
customer Jennifer Harrington, hence the name. This was a brilliant suggestions and one of my favorite features about the Adventure. Makes for a grab and go. Also works amazingly well in "duffel-style" when shoulder harness and hip belt are removed. Able to support well over 400lbs.


Remove the shoulder harness and hip belt and the Adventure Pack is now a
duffel-style camera bag. Now you see why the handles are so big :)


Store and organize away. The admin panel includes a double-side laptop sleeve
and a second pocket for batteries, spare parts and misc. gear.


The Adventure Pack features a big dedicated laptop pocket easily able to hold 17" screens. The pocket includes a soft velcro interior sleeve that divides the pocket into a front and back to allow for better organization and storage.

This pocket can be accessed without having to unbuckle the top lid.


This pack is the Adventure Pack large. The height of the backpanel is designed for longer torso lengths. More than 18".


This pack is the Adventure Pack medium. The height of the backpanel is designed for small-medium size torso lengths. Under than 18" long..


Tucked under all the wrinkles is a 40 liters 210D Double Rip Stock Weatherproof Shell. The top of the Athlete Pack includes a cinch sack top with draw-string closure.


A new top access (on the inside of the pack) allows for access to the water bladder chamber in addition to zipper access from the side.


The 2024 Adventure Pack is available in two colorways. A new gray-gray colorway in additional to the prior black.


All Pack Features and Functionality

Each pack includes a number of distinct features and functions and both packs share a lot. This section covers what the packs have in common.


Both packs (Athlete shown above) expand to double in size. The front section will expand out and up without much impact on width. The expansion is where non-camera gear is stored.


The ATLAS logo on the front has been updated from the GEN1 Packs. The updated logo is both smaller and the colorway is tonal. You can expect the logo to fade out in the shadows and be somewhat visible in direct light.


One of the best features about the Adventure Pack are the handles. The big style grab bag handle makes the pack so much easier to grab. And if need be, the heat shrink on the outside can be reheated and repaired. Over time you will find it may get some scratch or even gouges that can be smoothed out with a little flame!


In addition to the new fabrics, the stretch side pockets also have grommets for drainage.


The Adventure Pack is a rear-access camera bag. Incredibly safe and secure.
For 2022 we've updated the pullers to the latest and greatest from YKK.


Easily the best dividers on the market. Designed to spoon your camera gear and distribute the weight.
A full set of 15 dividers is included as part of the purchase of your pack.


In addition to the MOLLE loops on the hip belt, a set of loops has been included to the top lid.


A full set of loops for connecting ice axes, skis, snow shoes, runs down the front of the pack. On the Adventure Pack this feature is new to the GEN2 packs.


The size of the Adventure Pack raincover has been increased for the GEN2 packs and is larger by 25%. This better accommodates the coverage of tripods when the pack is loaded out.


The side pockets (used for water bottles and tripods) have undergone a significant updates. The bottom 1/3 of the pocket has a split layer that reinforces and protects against wear and tear from both inside and outside the pocket. It's important to note that there is a slight loss in flexibility due to the change in design, however users can expect the usage to be much improved.


Tucked away in the side pouches that connect the belt to the pack are a set of dump pouches. For the GEN2 packs the much requested elastic draw-string has been added.


Loops have been added along the inside of the pack to allow for the 
attachment of a new line of accessories for both Athlete and Adventure GEN2 Packs. The Athlete Pack is shown in the photo above.


The front of the Adventure Pack now includes a set of lash loops that run the full length of the pack.