Our goal at Atlas Packs is to create gear photographers love to use.

For the first 3-4 years Atlas Packs was a black-box project. We would test a few packs a year and return them to the factory with our notes and comments. In 2016 we made a small batch of 300 packs and hit every trade show and industry event we could. Back then we sold exclusively to the trade, one fitting at a time with just Instagram and a PayPal account.  
We spent the next 2 years listening and learning. We fostered and built relationships with our early customers to improve our packs before we manufactured our first full production run.

"Let's make some packs"

I remember getting an email from David after he returned from his Everest Trek. It was 2012 and he wanted to show me a new type of camera bag he had been working on. He said it had lots of room for non-camera gear.

I was on assignment for USA Today covering the PGA TOUR. I was tired of buying camera bags that only had room for camera gear."

Allan Henry, Atlas Packs General Manager

Atlas Packs Partners David Tedesco and Allan Henry

Allan Henry / Partner and General Manager at Atlas Packs


the early years... For many Atlas Packs was a "black box" project, slowly moving along while we tested countless packs and design iterations. We then spent 2 years working exclusively with the trade, selling packs at industry shows and personally fitting our first few hundred sales.


Sales, Service and Fittings. Open to Members of the Trade and by Appointment Only

Atlas Packs is run out of our Phoenix headquarters located a few blocks north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Our studio is open Monday - Friday to members of the trade and by appointment only. Please call or text us at 602-345-1444 if you want to stop by and say hello!

Atlas Packs Studio & Service Team Leaders

668 N 44th Street #107
Phoenix, AZ 85008



Customer to Customer Service and Support!

At Atlas Packs we are proud to have the industry's first and only Pro Support Team staffed exclusively by our customers. Everyone on our Pro Team purchased a pack, just like you! Collectively this team has thousands of hours of expertise and experience utilizing our packs.

Got a question? Ask!  

Jeremy Elder // United States (CO)


I have the black Atlas Athlete Pack. I purchased this pack for a 6 month circumnavigate that took me to countries like China, Ghana, Morocco, and into the high arctic region of Svalbard. From 100 degree weather to frozen landscapes, my pack has gone through almost every type of weather, protecting my gear and letting me capture the world around me. When I’m not on an expedition I use this pack as a day to day bag, commuting to work, and hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains.

Samuele Cavicchi // Italy


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Michael Driscoll // United States (CA)


My Adventure Pack comes with me everywhere and every day, from long hikes in the sierras to day to day use around downtown this pack does it all. As a landscapes and sports photographer, I can go from carrying long lenses and multiple bodies to a bag packed full of camping gear ready for adventure. The abilities of this pack are endless, and I’m excited to see where this pack and I will go next.

Ray RisCassi // United States (VA)


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Jackleen Leed // United States (AZ)


My Athlete pack goes with me pretty much everywhere. I’ve had other camera bags, but this is the first that fits like an actual backpacking pack. As an adventure elopement photographer, this pack has been indispensable for trekking up mountains in comfort while still having my gear easily accessible. It has been with me to Washington State, Arizona, upstate New York, and multiple states in between. I’m able to fit a pretty solid kit in it, as well as my MacBook and an external drive for editing on the road. It’s basically the perfect pack for a traveler, being big enough for my gear and all the personal stuff I need to get away for a long weekend.

Paul Alkoby // United States (PA)


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Ty Tollefson // Canada


I take my Atlas Packs everywhere. I have both packs :- ). Depending what I am doing, or what the job requirements and kit I need, the Athlete and Adventure packs have been by my side since I’ve got them. From backpacking in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, to corporate video productions, and hiking in the Alberta Rockies. These backpacks have been the perfect solution, and I look forward to the many adventures in the future with these packs!

Shaun Ingham // United States (WA)


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Alex Vidler // Australia


Proud owner of a yellow Atlas Athlete pack with a large frame. This pack has been in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia with me, spending time in big cities, small coastal towns, up into remote mountainous regions, and everything in between. It's been drenched during heavy rain, and thrown in and out of car seats constantly looking for the next photo spot. It fits like a glove, and I have completed multiple long hikes with it on, full of both camera gear, and non-camera gear thanks to its spacious carrying capacity and it has been comfortable at all times. All camera equipment is safe at all times!

Laurianne Pilon // Germany


Since I started photography, I have tried many backpacks and none of them compare to my Athlete Pack. I go out in different situations like hiking, travelling in cities, going to the beach and I bring it with me for my contracts. I'm 5-foot tall and finding a pack that fits short people like me has always been a challenge, but the Athlete is super comfortable, no matter how much gear and personal stuff I have. It makes traveling around the world so much easier. I brought the pack with me for through Germany, Croatia and Sweden, and I bring it on a daily basis to keep my gear accessible

Jussi Vesa // Finland


On my daily commute to the office I use the Athlete Pack to carry whatever I need during the day.
It's super versitale as I can use the same pack for all ocasions: commute with bycycle, travels outboard
as carry-on, or as realible hiking pack on my homeland hikes. When I'm not photographing, I usually work as a software developer and on my free time I ride offroad with Mtb. I travel to Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Italy and of course the beautiful homeland, Finland.

Kyle Finn // South Africa


I am a PhD student of zoology at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. My Athlete Pack joins me daily in the bush while conducting my research in Africa. As a wildlife and nature photographer, I bring my camera with me daily because every day bring new experiences and opportunities to encounter new animals in the African bush! The Athlete is perfect for me because it protects my camera and allows me to bring everything else I need for a long day in the field.

Brandon Daruna // United States (CO)


I live and work in the Colorado Rockies, spending much of my time in the backcountry backpacking, fly fishing, and skiing with my Athlete Pack As an aspiring photographer, paramedic, and outdoor enthusiast, I aim to comfortably and safely carry my camera every day. The Athlete has saved me from carrying two bags and chronic back pain as it fills the role of camera bag and mountain pack. I never leave home without it.

Brandon Black // United States (TX)


I have the Athlete Pack in black and it goes on every road trip and flight I take. We've gone to Hawaii to shoot landscapes and the Milky Way, to Enchanted Rock State Park in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, so far. Next up are trips to Africa, Switzerland and Big Bend National Park.

Renz Pineda // Philippines


I'm a budding travel photographer and filmmaker from the Philippines — a happy diversion from being a Medical Physicist in the hospital. If I'm not working at my 9 to 5, I am always on the lookout for the best photography and filmmaking gear especially camera bags. I have been eyeing the Adventure Pack for quite sometime and I finally got a hold of it this past March, just in time for my trip to the UK. I’ve been using it since then for my travels. In the cold mountains and in the hot city, it fits all of my gear plus 3 days worth of clothing, a 15 inch macbook and a tripod! The Adventure Pack is truly my perfect travel companion - next to my wife of course!