The award winning Atlas Athlete is the most versatile camera pack on the market. Available in two sizes (based on torso length) and three colorways, the price of $465 USD includes the pack, removable frame, a custom fitted hip belt, a full set of 15 dividers and tethered rain-cover.

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Athlete Pack History

We designed the Athlete Pack because camera bags are all giant boxes!  We wanted a thinner, more nimble design that holds weight close to the body and doesn’t impede movement in busy urban areas or while moving over terrain.

We also wanted a way to move space inside the pack without have to remove and insert anything and why we designed and developed our Origami Camera Core (TM). Camera bags are floppy and lack structure and have to be filled with smaller bags to secure camera gear. These systems add costs and weight and use a "pressure fit" design. Pressure fitting resulting in a fundamental compromise to a bags load carry why camera bags carry so much heavier than they actually weigh.

With the Athlete Pack, we've designed the worlds first and only true hybrid - and taken the best from the world of camera and the outdoors and combined them together. Countless awards and accolades. Battle tested world wide since 2018 by thousands of pros and armatures alike.

Exterior Measurements


Height | Med 21" / 53.5cm
Height | Large 23" / 58.5cm
Height | No Frame 20" / 51cm
Pack Width 11" / 28cm
Compressed Down 7" / 18cm
Expanded Out 13" / 33cm
Minimal Liters 20 liters
Maximum Liters 40 liters
Weight 4.95lbs

Origami Camera Core (TM)

The Athlete Pack is just 6" deep, that's incredibly shallow in comparison to the depth of a camera bag. The backpanel on the Athlete shuts tightly on camera gear packed inside, this design helps with weight distribution and protection and when packed well, your gear will not fall out even when the backpanel is open!

The Athlete Pack has a single fold Origami Camera Core (TM) that shifts 3-4 liters of space between the front and back of the pack. Please see this link for detailed specs and measurements for camera gear.

Height 14.25" / 36cm
Width 9" / 23cm
Depth 5.75-6" /14.6-15cm

Height 9" / 23cm
Width 9" / 23cm
Depth 5.75 /14.6cm

Pack Features and Functions

There are no camera inserts or core units that need to be purchased. The inside of the Athlete Pack includes our patented Origami Camera Core (TM) that lets you shift space between the front and back of the pack with a simple push or pull - a true on the fly solution. 

When it comes to fit and comfort, the Athlete Pack comes fitted based on your torso length and includes an overbuild harness and suspension system and custom fitted hip belt. Please see the fitting guide below to determine the right fit.

+ Fully adjustable shoulder harness with load lifters
+ Removable frame / stay
+ Numerous attachments points from MOLLE to axes and sleeping bags
+ Incredible weight distribution and support
+ 10mm thick dividers that curve and spoon camera gear
+ Removable proper hiking hip belt
+ Single-fold Origami Camera Core (TM)
+ 10mm thick dividers that secure gear
+ Weatherproof 240 Double Rip Stop shell
+ Dedicated water bladder pocket with velcro hang-tag and outlet ports for tube. Carry 80-100 oz of water.
+ x2 stretch side pockets (fits 48oz nalgene)
+ x2 hidden dump pouches (also fits 48oz nalgene)
+ YKK Buckles and Zippers
+ Plus many many more...

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Ordering an Atlas Pack is different from ordering a camera bag. It's one price no matter which pack you pick and we include in the box a frame installed, divider set, a tethered raincover and a hip belt.

Please check the size chart and choose a pack size and a hip belt based on your carry preference. If you need an assist, contact Pro Support so we can help out.

STEP 1: Pick Your Pack Size

The Athlete Pack is available in two torso lengths, medium and large. Generally speaking 5'9 - 5'10 is the break-point between the two sizes.

Please check the chart below or click this link for more info to find your size before you order.

STEP 2: Choose a Hip Belt

Checkout the hip belt options before you checkout and be sure to add your cart. All belts fit on all packs. The key ingredient is the padding, make the padding extends past your hip bones. Please see the fitting guide and details below.

28 - 32IN
71 - 81CM
26IN | 66CM
32 - 36IN
81 - 96CM
31IN | 79CM
36 - 42IN
96 - 106CM
33IN | 86CM
28 - 34IN
71 - 86CM
27IN | 68CM
34 - 40IN
86 - 102CM
30IN | 76CM
38 - 46IN
33IN | 84CM
44 - 52IN
36IN | 92CM

Totally different from the inside out...

What makes the Athlete Pack so unique? It's all the wrinkles you see in the photos. It's because this one pack can be setup and sized anywhere between 20 and 40 liters.

In the Athlete Pack shown above, I've packed about 25 liters worth of gear. That's plenty for a day trip be it city or trails. At this size, the Athlete Pack is just 7" / 18cm deep on the outside and the hip belt can easily be removed and stowed.

Athlete Pack Origami Camera Core (TM)

With an Athlete Pack, your camera gear is snug and secure and easily accessible without having to cinch the pack down. Said another way, the non-camera section is fully independent from the camera side and can be expanded and compressed down as needed.

And unlike camera bags, there are no camera-cores or inserts that go inside. These systems are expensive and poorly designed. All of your heavy camera gear is detached from the structure of the bag and the zippers keep the inserts in place via a "pressure fit".

We invented and patented our own method and instead of pressure, we use "friction". Friction is a key ingredient to the way our Origami Camera Core (TM) functions. Be sure to test out just how much pop and snap your the pocket has. We made significant improvements to friction and structure with new types of foam, the shaping of the foam (also called "skiving") as well as all the outer fabrics that connect everything to the pack and frame.


    The fact that all your camera gear is fully accessible is one of the key features of the Athlete Pack. No zipper get in the way, the zipper is well outside your camera gear.


    The Origami Camera Core (TM) is clean, elegant and does not make any noise when you move it. There is nothing to take out or store. Activate with a simple push / pull.


    The Origami Camera Core (TM) is incredibly strong and durable and because it's sewn in, is part of the structure of the pack.


    Having a sew-in shape-shifting Origami Camera Core includes one other major benefit! You can now split the pack and expand out for additional space. The Origami Camera Core separates the Athlete Pack into a front section (accessible from the top) for camping gear, and a back section (rear entry zipper) for camera gear.

    The volume for camping section is shown in orange and the volume for camera side is shown in blue.


    Having a product that can change shape and size and comes sized no matter how big or tall you are is what makes Atlas Packs so special. There are a million ways to setup the Athlete Pack. The two pack on the left are setup at the smallest size of 20 liters and you can see how a the Origami fold shifts inside. This push or pull moves about 3 liters (that's enough space for a 70-200 plus a charger and cords and represents about 1/3 of the total camera space).

Athlete Pack Reviews & Accolades

RATED 9.2 / 10

Carryology reviews and scores the Athlete Pack

"Over my ten months I have traveled extensively, and not just because I’ve been testing it, but because I’ve trusted it and wanted it with me on my adventures. That is the greatest compliment I can give a camera pack, I want to use it, and I can’t wait to see where the Atlas Packs Athlete Pack takes me and my camera gear next. After all, a happy pack is a dirty pack." by Senior Editor, Laurence Fry, October 6, 2022

Best Travel Photography Gear

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine featured the Atlas Athlete Pack in their Summer Buyers Guide. FYI: This is the gen1 Athlete Pack model (available from 2018 - 2021). The logo on the prior generation of packs was much larger and came in light gray.

Athlete Pack FAQ

Detailed Pack Specs.

The Athlete Pack can be setup and sized in numerous ways. Get answers to your questions about size and specs here.

Features & Functions

The new GEN2 Athlete Pack includes a bevy of features and functions designed to exceed your needs and delight you in ways a camera bag simply can't.

How Camera Gear Fits

Stop bagging and start packing your camera gear. The Athlete is deep enough for a 200-600 but not tall enough to have the body attached.

Athlete Pack FAQ

The large size Athlete Pack has a pass-through zipper between the camera and non-camera sections above the ATLAS logo. The medium does not.

The large size Athlete Pack has a second set of frame flaps for a smaller travel frame. The medium does not.

The large size Athlete Pack has double small pockets on the inner backpanel. The medium has one large pocket.

Fitting Questions

Go shorter if in doubt, if the pack is too tall fitting will be a challenge and the weight will not distribute properly.

The tipping point between sizes (for both the Athlete and the Adventure Pack) is an 18"/45.5cm torso length.

Changes are good you got the right size but just need help getting fitted. Please hit the chat and connect with the Pro Team so we can get your all setup and ready to go!

Shop Policies

You get 100 days to return or exchange. Please see our complete details on our policy page.

Warrany and Pack Care

While a dirty pack is a certainly a happy pack, a cleaned dirty pack is even happier.
To clean the shell and zippers, give your pack a steam shower for 15-20 min and use baby wipes and microfiber towels to clean the ripstop and get into the grooves around the zippers.


To clean the inside of your pack. Remove all dividers and gear and from the inside of the non-camera section, push hard on the bottom of the camera core so it pops-out.

Shipping FAQ's

Estimated shipping rates and delivery times will display on the cart page. We are currently shipping a bit faster than indicated.

1-2 days after your order.

Reach out to the Pro Team and let them know you need a shipping bump.

Yes of course. Shipping rates are shown at checkout.

Still have questions? Tap chat and connect with the Pro Team!