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by Atlas Packs

Atlas Parts | Origami Insert - Electronics Caddy for Extra Gear


Atlas Packs Origami Insert, originally designed for just the Athlete Pack, also fits great in the Adventure Pack.


Think of the Origami Insert like a removable "caddy" than holds electronics, small items, tech pouches, ipads, etc.. and to provide better storage and organization in the non-camera section of the pack. The Origami Insert rests on the top Origami fold and is secured via a series of velcro tabs that connect to the frame and or frame webbing loops and velex (velcro loop) span that covers the back side of the Origami Camera Core (tm).


The bottom section of the Origami Insert moves in conjunction with the top fold of the Origami Camera Core and essentially pops-in and pops-out to provide a great way to store and organize anything from loose items to cased camera gear. This item is available as a limited release. Of note, when the fold pulled up the floor is higher. In the large size there is about 6” of storage space. Much less in the medium, about 2”.


It's important to note that a retro-fit kit (available at no cost) is needed if you want to use the Origami Insert for your Adventure Pack or a GEN1 Athlete Pack.


More details to follow. Please message if you have any questions:

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