OGI connects is affixed to the section of the pack just above top Origami fold and under the frame on the Athlete Pack. OGI is available in two sizes - based on pack size/


    OGI is secured via a series of velcro tabs that loops around the frame velcro inside the laptop sleeve. OGI is easy to install and remove when needed.


    OGI works in concert with the Origami Camera Core (TM) in the Athlete Pack. The available storage space will increase/decrease without with making any noise.



Background | History

The design of the Origami Insert (OGI) came well after the design of the Athlete Pack and this was the biggest challenge. We wanted something that looked, felt and functioned as if it was always suppose to be there.

In terms of the main use case, OGI provide storage and organization on the front side of the pack and connects via a series of small velcro tabs that wrap around and connect to the frame and velcro lining.

Features and Functions

Think of the Origami Insert like a removable "caddy" than holds
electronics, small items, tech pouches, ipads, etc.. and to provide
better storage and organization in the non-camera section of the pack.
The Origami Insert rests on the top Origami fold and is secured via a
series of velcro tabs that connect to the frame and or frame webbing
loops and velex (velcro loop) span that covers the back side of the
Origami Camera Core (tm).


The bottom section of the Origami Insert moves in conjunction with
the top fold of the Origami Camera Core and essentially pops-in and
pops-out to provide a great way to store and organize anything from
loose items to cased camera gear. This item is available as a limited
release. Of note, when the fold pulled up the floor is higher. In the
large size there is about 6” of storage space. Much less in the medium,
about 2”.


It's important to note that a retro-fit kit (available at no cost) is
needed if you want to use the Origami Insert for your Adventure Pack or
a GEN1 Athlete Pack.


More details to follow. Please message if you have any questions:


The measurements include the height of the backing that connects under the frame. The interior space is the depth based on the position of the fold that changes in depth.

OUTSIDE: 11H x 10.5W x 4D inches
INTERIOR SPACE MAX: 7.5 inches deep
INTERIOR SPACE MIN: 4.5 inches deep

OUTSIDE: 9H x 10.5W x 4D inches
INTERIOR SPACE MAX: 5.5 inches deep
INTERIOR SPACE MIN: 2 inches deep


GEN1 Athlete Pack

GEN1 Install Instructions

OGI fits both GEN1 and GEN2 Athlete Packs. For GEN1 Packs a retrofit kit "strip of velcro" is included at no additional cost.

In the GEN1 Packs, OGI attaches to the frame at the top without any modifications. The velcro strip is used for the x3 bottom tabs and will need to be installed on the inside of the laptop sleeve.

Connecting the two side tabs requires a modification (slicing) the nylon fabric that covers the frame. This step is optional but highly recommended and easy to do!

PS: Reversing your pack out is also highly recommended. Be sure to undo the side-compression buckles before you do!