When it comes to size, the new Adventure Pack has been made smaller on the outside to fit airline cabins and bigger on the inside for more camera gear with a two-fold Origami Camera Core (TM).

In comparison to the Athlete Pack the Adventure is really just deeper. When compared to other producs on the market, the Adventure Pack is the exact same size as a Pelican 1510 and the same size as a traditional "Adventure camera bag".

When your Adventure Pack ships it will arrive in a box and be setup at this size. This is the default size of the Adventure Pack and enough room for about 30 liters of gear.

In the photos show in the next section, you will be able to see just how much the Adventure Pack will expands as more non-camera gear is packed. FYI: The width of the Adventure Pack really does not change no matter how much you stuff inside ;).

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Height | Medium 23in / 58.5cm
Height | Large 23in / 58.5cm
Height | No frame 20in / 51cm
Width 11.25in / 28cm
Depth 9in / 23cm
Laptop Up to 17"
Min Liters 30 liters
Max Liters 60 liters
Weight 5.95lbs


Height | Medium 21"/53.5cm
Height | Large 23"/58.5cm
Height | No frame 20in / 51cm
Width 11" / 28cm
Depth 7" / 18cm
Laptop 16" MacBook
Min Liters 20 liters
Max Liters 40 liters
Weight 4.95lbs
  • 30 LITERS + 30 LITERS = 30 LITERS

    From a cabin sized at just 23" tall with 30-40 liters of gear to a fully overbuilt 60 liters hauler with up to 44 liters of volume for non-camera gear.

  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 30 Liters

    This is what 30 liters of gear looks like in the Adventure Pack. This is the default size for the pack. This is plenty of space for tons of gear without having to expand the pack out. Perfect for travel! Should you need to fit under the seat, simply remove the frame and the height will drop down to about 20".

  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 45 Liters

    45 liters of gear brings the Adventure Pack to about half-way full. At this size the pack has started to fill out and up slightly and candidly there is not much visual difference between the Adventure setup at 45 liters vs. 35. At this size the Adventure Pack will need to go in the overhead bins.

  • EXTERIOR SIZE: 40 Liters

    Given how small the Athlete Pack can be, it holds an incredible amount of gear. Setup at this size there's about 30 liters of non-camera and 10 liters of camera gear and for travel this pack will need to go overhead. Even at 40 liters, the pack easily meets cabin standards.

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What's the difference between the medium and large Adventure Pack?
See how one logo is much higher than the other, this is the large Adventure Pack, the shoulder straps connect right above the logo and right under the zipper.

The pack on the right is the medium. On this pack the shoulder straps connect lower and the space between the zipper and the logo is much bigger. This is the right pack for you if your torso is under 18".


    + If your torso length is shorter than 18" / 45.5cm, the medium size pack typically fits best.

    + If your torso length is longer than 18"/45.5cm the large size pack typically fits best.

    Torso length provides the most accurate measurement for backpack fitting.


    + If you are 5’8 / 1.7m or below, the medium size pack typically fits best.

    + If you are taller than 5’11/1.8m the large size pack typically fits best.


    1. Cut a piece of string to exactly 18" / 45.5cm.
    2. Hold the top of the string on your C7 vertebrae and drop the bottom end.
    3. Now feel all the way down to where string ends. It will fall either above or below your Iliac Center (essentially your love handles and where you rest your hands when you are putting your hands on your hips).

    If the string goes past your love handles, that means your torso is shorter than 18" = medium size pack. If the string ends before your
    love handles, that means your torso longer than 18" = large size pack.

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