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Atlas Athlete Pack Camera Backpacking Specifications and Measurements

What makes the Athlete Pack so unique? It's all the wrinkles you see in the photos. It's because this one pack can be setup and sized anywhere between 20 and 40 liters. This chart illustrates showcases three examples of how much the Athlete Pack will expand up and out as the front is filled. The default size of the pack is about 20 liters. This is the smallest setup and how the pack arrives when you take it out of the box. The Athlete Pack is carry-on sized and features a unique 40 liter shell that is only filled up to 40 liters when it's full of NON-CAMERA gear.

When your pack arrives it will be setup at the default / smallest size. Atlas Packs are incredibly efficient and there is plenty of space for all your camera gear plus lunch, layers a laptop and a few extra items even at this size. Let's breakout these details,


Height | Medium21"/53.5cm
Height | Large23"/58.5cm
Height | Lrg. No frame20in / 51cm
Height | Med. No frame18in / 46cm
Width11" / 28cm
Depth7" / 18cm
Laptop16" MacBook
Min Liters20 liters
Max Liters40 liters

The Athlete Pack is designed for gear up to about 6" tall. Let's breakout the specifications and measurements for camera gear. 

The Origami Camera Core (TM) allows you to shift space into and away from the camera section. The first photo includes the full storage capacity. The second photo shows how the top fold has been pulled in and this space is no longer accessible for camera gear. 



Interior Height |
Origami Out

14.25in / 36cm
Interior Height |
Origami In
9in / 23cm
Max-Depth | Origami Out6in / 15cm
*deeper towards the top
Max-Depth | Origami In5.75in / 14.6cm
*shallower towards the bottom
Interior Width9in / 23cm


Height14.25" / 36cm
Width9" / 23cm
Depth5.75-6" /14.6-15cm


Height9" / 23cm
Width9" / 23cm
Depth5.75 /14.6cm


Atlas Athlete Camera Bag / Backpack


This is the default size for the Athlete Pack. Plenty of space for all your camera gear plus lunch, layers a laptop and a few extra items. At this size the Athlete Pack is easily small enough to go under the seat.


30liters of gear brings the Athlete Pack to about half-way full. At this size the pack has started to fill out and up slightly and you can start to see the differences in the size of the pack. At this size the Athlete Pack will still fit under the seat.


Given how small the Athlete Pack can be, it holds an incredible amount of gear. Setup at this size there's about 30 liters of non-camera and 10 liters of camera gear and for travel this pack will need to go overhead. Even at 40 liters, the pack easily meets cabin standards.

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