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"When companies create content it creates clutter. When customers create content it creates chatter."

I have always believed that to be successful as a small business and as a direct-to-consumer brand, you have to make listening and learning a top priority. Over time it all adds up. One pack, one customer, one day at a time.

Looking to apply for the Atlas Pack Ambassador Pro Team, this is the right page. Please note this page is by invite only. 

About the Atlas Packs Pro Team

After more than 3 years of beta testing, the Atlas Packs Ambassador program is now open to all customers!

  • Earn commissions for referral sales
  • Contests and challenges
  • Access to Pro Team discounts and promos
  • Help with field testing and R&D
  • Get paid to get your pack dirty

How do I join / apply?

To be accepted you must own an Atlas Pack and fill out the form below.

Why do I need to fill out this form?

This form includes the information for your Pro Team landing page. After completing this form you will get an invite to setup your Shopify Collabs account to track commission payments.

How do commissions work?

When customers used your Pro Team code you will a referral commission and they save. It's a win-win.

Join the AtlasPacks community

For customers only! The Atlas Packs Ambassador Program is now live and out of beta. To apply all you need is your order number...

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Partnership opportunities

  • Content creation
  • Affiliate marketing