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The Atlas Packs Shop is just a few blocks north of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

ATLAS PACKS Shop and Design Center

Atlas Packs
4343 Outlier Blvd #107,
Phoenix, AZ 85008

Mon - Fri: Text for hours

About Us


Atlas Packs was invented by David Tedesco, born out of his frustration on a month-long Everest trek in the Himalayas with the fact that his bag had no room for both mountaineering and camera gear. Upon his return, he started to work on designs that would fill the void he saw in the marketplace. After going through dozens of designs and pack structures, David invented our patented Origami Camera Core (TM). This features allows users to change how their bag stores and organizes both personal and camera gear without the need to purchase different size inserts or


Allan Henry a Partner and General Manager at Atlas Packs. He is also a photographer like many of you. In 2008, he started his career as a photojournalist with USA Today Sports. Out of all the sports, golf is his favorite sport and his accolades include photo of the year from Sports Illustrated and getting hit by both Tiger and Rory. Allan has carried his camera gear through countless infields and airports, media centers and fairways and helped start Atlas Packs, because the world does not need any more camera bags. He believes the world needs comfortable fitted camera backpacks in a wide range of torso lengths and
hip belts sizes.

It was 2012/2013, after David returned from his trip. I remember he had very few photos and this surprised me given how much he loves photography. As it turns out, the cold and lack of access to his camera gear jumbled inside his expedition pack is what inspired him to think of Atlas Packs.

We started by testing small batches of packs and the first 3-4 years, Atlas was a black-box project. In 2016, we made our first run and on the weekends I would load up the truck with packs and drive to trade shows and industry. Back then we sold exclusively to the trade, one pack one fitting at a time with just an Instagram and a PayPal account. We spent the next 2 years listening and learning and building relationships with our early Atlas packers to improve our
process and products.

In 2018, we launched our site, and released the first generation of Atlas Packs to the public. In the years between the initial release and 2022, no significant updates or changes were made to the line. Approx. 5,500 packs were manufactured and sold during this time.

One of the most rewarding things about Atlas Packs is how well packs have been received. National Geographic said the Athlete Pack is "one of the best camera bags for travelers", Ski Magazine said, "best camera bag for skiers" and Outside Magazine said, "best photography gear for 2020" amongst many other awards and accolades ;).

The newest generation is also off to a hot start too! The Athlete Pack was just crowned as Camera Bag Champion by Carryology, a major score and something we are incredibility proud of.

Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

Cheers and thanks,

Allan Henry

Partner / GM

Atlas Packs Patents, Trademarks and IP


Atlas Packs products' are covered by numerous US and Foreign
Trademarks and we have additional trademarks and pending patent

US Patent 11,033,086 ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE
U.S. Application No. 90/763,399
U.S. Application No. 90/666,432
US Trademark No. 88/880,609
US Trademark No. 88/520,182
US Trademark No. 86/345,525
EUTM No. 017949901
CNIPA No. 33641394

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