Proper Hiking Hip Belts are Included!

Our secret sauce, a proper hiking hip belt that loads the weight away from your shoulders and onto your hips.

  • Why a fitted hip belt?

    Finding the right size is easy. Checkout the fitting chart and follow the steps. The most important measurement is to make sure the padding is long enough to cover your hips. If the padding falls short, then the weight of the pack will not properly transfer away from your shoulders and load on to your hips

  • Option 1: Pants Size

    Choose hip belt size based on your pants size. This is the easiest way and works 95% of the time. If you are between sizes, then use the other options.

  • Option 2: Measure Hip Span

    Measure the span of your hips, ust the length needed for the padding to cover both (end to end) plus a few smidges.

    Still unsure >> Size up!


    The Adventure Hip Belt-our thickest padded belt offering two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. Most comfortable for heavier loads or longer hikes. The Adventure Hip Belt construction
    includes dual layers of foam padding with 38mm buckle and webbing. Works best with heavy load outs. Available in S/M - XL/XXL sizes.


    The Athlete Hip Belt offers a slimmer profile with a single layer of foam ding with 25mm buckle and narrower webbing. This belt offers a more "minimalist" look and feel in comparison to the Adventure Hip Belt. Available in S/M-XL sizes.


    The Travel Hip Belt (also known as the Haenisch Hip Belt) has no padding, just a soft wrap with 38mm buckle and webbing. The Travel Hip Belt can be your hip belt of choice and comes comes with a Fidlock magnetic buckle in addition to the standard YKK buckle if selected.

  • HIP STRAPS (add-on)

    The hip strap is a great option in place of a hip belt. Very minimalist et still shifts some weight off your shoulders. Available in black and gray and three sizes (based on hip belt measurements). The hip strap attaches to the hip belt pouch buckles and easily tucks away when not in use.

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