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Atlas Athlete Pack Specs



When we started designing the Adventure Pack we prioritized around the following concepts: Supporting large sets of gear, efficient workflow and organization, ease of use during travel and of course comfort and fit. Let's break down each of these elements.

In terms of gear, the Adventure Pack can support 1Dx size bodies with lenses as big as a 400mm attached. Cine bodies such as RED or FS5 fit too but need to be broken down. Surrounding and securing your gear is high-density foam that works like a memory pad to minimize vibrations and bumps.

Accessing and organizing is super easy thanks to a backpanel that fully opens and a ton of pockets spread throughout the pack.

When it comes to travel the Adventure Pack excels. Typically camera bags as big as the Adventure Pack have removable camera cubes or ICU's that need to be taken out for overhead storage. But these systems are poorly designed and restricting, limiting access to your gear and compromising a pack’s load carry!

For airline travel with the Adventure Pack all you have to do is remove the frame. The Adventure Pack is carry-on sized and once removed the frame is easily stored alongside your pack in the overhead.

To see if the Adventure Pack is right for you and your gear, checkout the video from John Kelly below. It will help round out your understanding of the Adventure Pack.

When it comes to comfort, there is nothing more important than correct fit to ensure that weight is properly loaded onto hips and not shoulders. The Adventure Pack build includes an overbuilt harness and suspension system that makes for a much easier treks, especially when carrying heavy camera and non-camera gear.

The Adventure Pack comes in two frame heights and has an adjustable suspension with multiple sizes of hip belts types and sizes.

Sizes are based on torso length and waist size. The MEDIUM frame best fits if your torso length is less than 16in / 40cm. The LARGE frame fits best if your torso is 17in / 43cm or longer.

If you don't know your torso length you can use your height as a guide. The cut-off between the two frame heights is around 5'9 or 175cm

**Please know we are currently sold out of the medium Adventure Pack. We do not have an estimate on delivery at this time.

  • Designed to carry large to x-large sets of camera and video gear
  • Origami camera core can be reconfigured between camera core and non-camera section of pack
  • Dedicated pocket for a 15" laptop
  • The ultimate in comfort. Air vented mesh backpanel, overbuilt harness and suspension system
  • Room for two tripods (one on each size of pack)
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Removable waist belt
  • Internal frame backpack (removable)
  • Built-in rainfly with tether
  • Hidden passport pocket designed for valuables
  • Quickdraw hip pockets hidden into sides of waistbelt.



Other camera bag brands make you buy different size inserts such as ICU’s or camera cubes. These systems are expensive and poorly designed as they are detached from the structure of the bag and require a "pressure fit".Pressure fitting resulting in a fundamental compromise to the pack’s load carry and limiting access to gear along the sides of the camera compartment.

The other issue is inefficiency, there is so much wasted space in these packs and why we developed our patent pending Origami Camera Core. A simply pull or push allows you to reconfigure and shift space between the camera and non-camera sections of the pack.

Push the Origami pocket IN when you need more space for for camera gear. Pull the Origami pocket OUT when you need more space for personal items.

AtlasAdventurePack020.jpg 40 Liters
AtlasAdventurePack019.jpg 20 Liters


Some questions we get about the Atlas Athlete Pack


Does the Adventure Pack expand and compress like the Athlete Pack?

Not to the same degree, but yes it does increase from 50 liters to 70 liters.

At a 50 liter size the Adventure Pack measures 9in / 23cm deep and 25in / 63cm tall. At the maximum 70 liter mark the Adventure Pack will increase to 13in / 33cm in depth and increase in height to about 29in / 73cm.


How deep is the camera core?

If you place a tape measure inside the camera core the depth will measure around 4.25in / 10.8cm. However, this measurement does not include the space gained with the lid closed. Practically speaking you can fit gear up to 5.25" / 13.7cm towards the top of the camera core as this section has more wiggle room than the bottom.

Sony: Yes. All bodies. Lenses up to 600

All sony bodies fit with grip

CANON/NIKON: Everything

1Dx and D6 series bodies battery grips can be stored upright with lenses attached.


Can the pack be used without a belt?

Yes and removing the belt is super easy. Once removed the small pouches tuck into the back of the lumbar padding for a seamless look.

For more checkout our Hip Belt FAQ