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NEW FOR 2021

Atlas Adventure Pack


Hi & Welcome!

Hi and thanks for your interest in the 2021 Atlas Adventure Pack. If you have already reserved thank you :). Please click here for updates.

For everybody new, we are currently in "Fall Wave 2". Perks and pricing for this wave are provided below. All prior waves "Early Bird" and "Summer Wave 1,2,3,4" and "Fall Wave 1" are sold-out.

Now let's get into the details for the 2021 Atlas Adventure Pack. There are a number of new features as well as core updates I will be detailing. To understand the benefits and reasons for these decisions, you first need to understand a bit about the history and design of the Adventure Pack.

The Adventure Pack was the first pack we designed. It 2014 and we wanted to hit the ground with a pack designed exclusively for the Professional Photography and Video market.

Now as we all know, there are plenty of camera bag companies making camera bags for this slice of the market. And as was true then, and is still true today, none of companies make camera bags the properly load the weight of all that heavy gear to the hips.

We designed the Adventure Pack to address the market in the following ways:

1. Include a hip belt to support and properly transfer the load of the pack from the shoulders to the hips. If your camera bag has a sewn-in hip belt it will not properly transfer the weight.

Sewn-in hip belts twist and torque downwards under the weight of the pack. They tend to dig into your sides due to lack of padding and all of this means your shoulders are doing the work.

2. A frame to support and anchor the weight onto the hips and away from the shoulders. And for the frame to be easily removable, along with hip belt and shoulder straps, to help deal with ever changing carry-on restrictions.

3. An Origami Camera Core, allowing the user to move a large volume of space to either camera or without having to buy different inserts or camera cubes. And for all camera gear to be fully accessible without the zipper getting in the way.

4. Easy workflow, full access to camera gear without the zipper in the way and ample space for non-camera gear.

Fast forward through 5+ years and thousands of conversations with happy customers about their Adventure Packs and you learn a lot about what's working for who and why.

Thanks to this amazing feedback loop, we've made numerous updates to the Adventure Pack over the year and for 2021 are taking a huge leap forward.

Just as we did in when we first introduced the Adventure, we've built a pack generations ahead of the market. For 2021 we've made the pack smaller (carry-on with frame-in), added more room for camera gear (fits an 800mm) and added more room for camping gear (holds up to 44 liters).

Details regarding reservations as well as all of the updates and new features for 2021 are below.

Thanks for your support and interest. We love to chat and say hi. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Cheers and thanks,Allan
[This page was update on June 28th 2021 ]




Why Atlas Packs is Taking Reservations

In the past (pre-covid), if the pack or accessory you wanted was sold out, you paid upfront and received a set delivery date typically 1-2 months out. At the time it seemed like a lifetime to wait, little did we know....

As we all know now, production takes longer, costs more and has more variables and as a result, we have had to change how we operate.

For the foreseeable future reservations will be required and delivery will be done in waves.

The reasons for the reservation system are to help you better deal with the much longer wait times by offering different perks and payment options. It also helps us better manage our budgets and forecasts.



Reservations are done in waves. This is the "Fall Wave 1". Everyone in this wave will get their pack after prior waves and before any packs are made available to the general public.

When packs arrive you will be notified based on the order of your reservation. We'll update the site and provide you with a special link so you can pick your pack color, belt size and any accessories.

These details are all covered on the reservation page found here >>



+ Reserving a pack now means you are part of our "Fall Wave 1" perks

+ You will receive a $45 in Perk Points. The points can be used for the purchase of spare parts and accessories include our Cargo line and work just like a gift card.

Please order with the expectation that production and delivery will take longer than expected. All dates and timelines are subject to change. If you must have your pack by a specific date, please order with the expectation that it will not arrive in time. If you ever need to cancel your reservation just let us know. It's why we have this system setup.


2021 Adventure Pack

Smaller on the Outside. Bigger on the Inside

**Not final colorways. The Adventure Pack will not be available in this color. A black/black and gray/gray version will be available as part of the 2021 delivery.

There's a lot to cover when it comes to the updates and new features on the 2021 Adventure Pack. This section covers the material (as in major) changes that impact the overall usage of the pack.

Here's what you can expect to see and experience when using the 2021 Adventure Pack.




Decreased exterior height of pack by 5cm / 2in. Exterior height now 24in / 61cm with frame in.


Brings the total volume of the Adventure Pack to 60+/- liters. Loss of volume is not material to the usage of pack as most customer did not use the full 70 liter shell.


Shorter is better. Users can expect to easily carry the Adventure Pack on cabins and stowe without having to remove the frame.




Complete redesign of Origami Camera Core to allow for second fold.


Users can now shift twice as much space between the camping and camera sections of the pack.


Users now have up to 44 liters of volume for camping gear (up from 30 liters). That's a 50% increase in shiftable space.



Increased rating for the Origami CC by increasing friction and density. Added new types of foam, changed the shaping of the foam (also called "skiving") and improved the outer fabrics that connect the Origami CC to the pack and frame.


The Origami Camera Core is able to handle the heavier weight of increased camping and/or camera gear.


Users can expect to safely, securely and easily access and transport large sets of camera and/or camping gear.



Doubled depth of divider foam from 5mm to 10mm. New sizes.


Dividers are thicker, softer and even more pliable. New sizes include full length as well as half-width.


Users can expect camera gear to stay even more secure and be able to use fewer dividers. Works for all versions of the Adventure Pack

PS: This is one of the updates I'm most excited about for 2021 is the new dividers. They are thicker, softer and even more pliable and come in a few new sizes too!

The other reason I'm so excited, if you currently have an Adventure Pack, you can update the rating of your pack simply by getting new dividers!!

Please see the section below for why you should get the new dividers and NOT upgrade your pack. PS: The Athlete dividers also work great in the Adventure Pack.


2021 Adventure Pack

Two-Fold Origami CC

Why Two-Folds are Important....

Since none of us have ever used a pack with a two-fold Origami Camera Core, let's spend a few minutes explaining how it works.

Unlike other camera bag companies that design bags with removable inserts in various sizes, also known as ICU's or camera cubes, at Atlas Packs we design our packs with a sewn-in camera core.

In the Adventure Pack, the top 2/3 of the camera core now includes a unique flexible section. This section can be positioned by the user to shift space between the camping and camera section of the pack. Much better than having to buy a bunch of different size inserts.

We call our solution the "Origami Camera Core", inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. Each Origami Camera Core is designed and rated for specific types of camera gear.

For 2021 the rating on the Origami Camera Core has been given a huge boost. With two-folds there is a ton of space that can be shifted between camping and camera. A 50% increase over the single fold Adventure.

In the below illustration the camera section is highlighted in blue and camping in while. The pack on the left is setup for the maximum amount of camera and this amount decreases in the middle and third pack. Each Origami fold has a little handle that you use the push and pull on.

One Pack. Three Different Setups

Now let's get into the various ways you will be able to setup your Adventure Pack and the impact shifting the space has on the inside of the shell.


20 liters camera
30 liters camping


This is the default setup for the Adventure Pack and both Origami folds are pushed in. This maximizes the amount of camera gear you can haul.

I think it's fair to say that this Adventure Pack will carry more camera gear than most of us own.

With both of the Origami folds pushed in, you get the full 20 liter of camera space.

And 30 liters of space for camping gear spread around the rest of the pack.

+ Canon C200 w/17-40
+ Sony FS5 w/ 18-200
+ Canon 1DX
+ Canon 70-300
+ Canon 16-35 w/Sony Adapt
+ Sigma 18-35


13 liters camera
37 liters camping


In this second example the first Origami fold has been pulled into position and that volume has been removed from the camera section and shifted to the camping side.

In this setup the pack is essentially split 50/50 between camera and camping.

More specifically, you now have 37 liters for camping gear and 13 liters for camera. The different between this setup the the first for camera gear is essentially the C200. Everything else stays with the pack.

+ Sony FS5 w/ 18-200
+ Canon 1DX
+ Canon 70-300
+ Canon 16-35 w/Sony Adapt
+ Sigma 18-35


6 Liters Camera
44 Liters Camping


In this example both of the Origami folds have been pulled out and for me this is where the Adventure Pack gets really interesting.

In this setup there is 44 liters for camping and 6 liters for camera. I know 6 liters might not sound like a lot, but it is...

As per the below example, you can fit 4 GM / L size lenses and a 1Dx body. Just imagine all the places we'll go...

+ Canon 1DX
+ Canon 70-300
+ Canon 16-35 w/Sony Adapt
+ Sigma 18-35


2021 Adventure Pack


Camera Gear Examples

We've spent countless hours organizing and arranging and thinking about all of the ways you will be using your Adventure Pack. These photos are representative of how you can expect your gear to fit. Please do not take the measurements as exact specifications, that is not possible for a soft good. There is a natural amount of give and take.

Thanks to our friends at Sony & Canon for the loaners.

Big Glass

For anyone carry big glass you will want the pack setup for max camera. For 2021 the length and depth of the ORIGAMI CAMERA CORE (TM) has been increased.

+ Gripped Sony Alpha + 400 2.8
+ Gripped Sony Alpha + 200-600

With the Adventure Pack, big glass like the 400 2.8 and 200-600 can be stored on bodies with hoods on and front lens caps off.

This makes workflow and organization so much easier. No other carry-on sized camera bag that can do this >> and still leave you with lots of space to pack non-camera gear.

If you have longer glass, 600mm and 800mm, these lenses can fit but eat up a lot of room.

While the camera core does measure longer than these lenses, in real world usage, glass longer than 17.5in / 43cm starts to push into the top fold of the camera core.

Why? When you get to the top end of the measurements, there is a natural amount of wiggle room and flex. Moreover, the packs measures and work differently based on the objects you are storing. You can expect your pack to measure deeper or shallower based on what you have on each side. Lots of small lenses use space much better than one large telephoto down the middle. Please use your judgement when setting up your pack.

+IN: 18.5x10.25x6.25
+CM: 48.5x26x16

+ Gripped Sony Alpha Kit with Sony GM 200-600, GM 16-35 2.8 GM + GM 24-70 2.8 GM + GM 100-400

PS: We made a point to keep lens hoods and rear caps on in most of these examples. The goal here is so you can get an accurate understanding of how your gear will fit. We however, did not include many lens caps for the photos, but do when we are transporting gear. Using your pack and not using front lens caps is not recommend.

1st Fold Down

Of note, with the first fold down big glass like the 200-600 (hood reversed) fit great and no top divider is necessary as the 1st Origami fold is keeping everything in place.

+ Sony FS 5 (LCD removed)
+Sony FS 5 Battery and Charger
+ Sony Alpha bodies x2
+ Sony GM Glass x2
+ Sony 200-600

Gripped Bodies

Gripped bodies easily fit in the Adventure Pack and can be stored in any position. The depth of the Origami CC in the Adventure Pack does not have a taper and you can expect your gear to sit flush or below the line of the sidewalls and dividers.

As you can see from the images below (move the slider back and forth), there is plenty of depth in the Adventure Pack for camera bodies of all sizes.

MLB00222A_1.jpg Grip Up
MLB00221A_1.jpg Shoe Up

Video Gear

Video equipment like a Canon C200 and the Sony FS5 can be stored almost fully assembled. Typically only the LCD monitor needs to be removed for storage.

+ Sony FS5 with Battery Charger +  Sony Alpha Bodies (x2), Sony GM 200-600, GM 16-35 2.8 GM + GM 24-70 2.8 GM

Adventure vs Athlete

Trying to understand the difference between the Athlete and Adventure Pack in terms of camera gear?

In this next set of photos we've taken the same kit (Canon R setup) and arranged it in both the Adventure (top photo) and Athlete (bottom photo). Let's get into the details about each...

+ Gripped Canon R5 + 600mm
+ Canon 15-35 2.8 R
+ Canon 70-200 2.8 R
+ Mavic Pro and Remote
+Gnarbox 2.0

In the Athlete Pack example below, you can see how much tighter the fit is and in fact, there was not enough room for the Gnarbox.

The takeaway here is that with the Athlete Pack there are accomodations you will need to make with how you setup and organize your gear. These same limitations do not apply to the Adventure Pack.

+ Gripped Canon R5 + 70-200
+ Canon 15-35 2.8 R
+ Canon 600mm R
+ Mavic Pro and Remote

Don't Overpack!

So how much is too much. With the Adventure Pack that can be hard to determine because the pack will hold a ton of gear.

To help prevent overloading, we have designed the shoulder strap velcro to 'slip' under heavy loads. This means it will not hold in place. This will only happen if you pickup your pack by a single shoulder strap and all the weight gets loaded to one side.

Pack responsibly. Do not overpack. Do not stress out the connections on your camera gear or your back. The pack can easily support loads not recommended for humans.


Atlas Adventure Pack

Measurements and Specs

Measurements and Specifications

By the numbers the Adventure is a 60 liters pack.

+ About 10 liters is allocated to the lid, laptop and storage pockets sewn around the outside of the shell.

+ About 50 liters is allocated to the large shell.

+ The shell has two opening. A rear entry zipper opening for camera gear and a top entry stuff sack for camping gear. And separating the two is our Origami Camera Core.

+ There is no difference in the specifications between the medium and large size.

+ The medium size Adventure Pack has a shorter backpanel and so the shoulder straps connect lower for shorter torso lengths.

**Of Note: the Adventure Pack is not a hard shell bag and there is a natural give and take between the camping and camera sections of the pack. This means you can overstuff the camping side and push into the laptop sleeve on one side or the Origami CC on the other.



Travel in 2021 and beyond is going to suck. Masks and middle seats and ever shrinking legroom. When it comes to travel smaller is better and now it's even easier to bring your Adventure Pack as carry-on.

+ No more overhead bins left.. The 2021 Adventure Pack will go under the seat of most major carries. Take out your laptop and remove the hip belt, frame and shoulder straps. Most airline seats have 9-10 inches of space, just enough for the Adventure Pack to squeeze into in a pinch.

+ With the frame remove the Adventure Pack can be crushed down to a minuscule 21.5" / 54.5cm.

Already got an Adventure Pack?

Already have an Adventure Pack and thinking about updating, this section is for you.

If you are a big camper or snow user, there are numerous updates to the 2021 Adventure Pack that make the update worthwhile including: MOLLE loops and connection straps for ice-axes and other accessories.

Generally speaking just because you have more camera gear is not a good reason to update from earlier versions of the Adventure Pack.

If you the only thing you are getting more of is camera gear, then, save your scratch and do a "firmware update" instead ;).

A firmware update means replacing your old dividers with the new dividers.

Swapping out your dividers will increase the rating of your Origami CC. This is especially true for anyone with the Sony 200-600 as the new dividers includes a full length divider option.

If you buy a used Adventure Pack on the secondary market. Get the new dividers and a new hip belt. Remember, Atlas Packs are designed to last a lifetime and the warranty transfers with sale.

These and other details are broken out below...

The Big List of New Features and Updates for 2021

There's a lot to love and still yet to be revealed about the 2021 Atlas Adventure Pack. We will continue to fill-out the details about the pack on this page while we work towards delivery. Of note: the next big update will include photos of the exterior of the packs in the various colorways. This information will not be available until May.



At Atlas Packs, all our packs are the same price and everything you need come included. This includes your hip belt (one), rain cover (one), dividers (full set = 13, frame (one) and of course the pack :)

NEW FOR 2021


A new side zipper (YKK Aqua Guard with sealed seams) has been added on the right side of the pack. When open, this zipper provides the user with full access to the CAMPING side of the pack. More details to come.



The hip belts have been updated to include MOLLE loops as well as sleeping bag/pad loops. Works with all versions of the Athlete Pack. More details to come.



Updates to the dump pouches (stored inside the hip pouches). For 2021, we have added an elastic draw-string. More details to come.

NEW FOR 2021


The 2021 Adventure Pack will be available in a total of two colorways. A new gray colorway in additional to an updated all black. More details to come.

NEW FOR 2021


We added depth to the camping side of the pack. We did this to offset the volume lost related to making the pack shorter. With the camping side compressed the pack measures 9in / 23cm in depth. With the compression straps fully released the pack will grown about 4-5inches / 8-10cm outward and measure approx. 13.5in / 34cm in total depth.

This means you can overpack the Adventure and NOT meet airline standards if you have too much on the camping side.



The side pockets of the Athlete Pack (used for water bottles and tripods) have undergone a significant change. The bottom 1/3 of the pocket has a split layer that reinforces and protects against wear and tear from both inside and outside the pocket. It's important to note that there is a slight loss in flexibility due to the change in design, however users can expect the usage to be much improved. More details to come.



Removing the frame allows for an even smaller setup should you need. Especially helpful if you need to squeeze your pack in to a tight area. More details to come.



A new top access (on the inside of the pack) allows for access to the water bladder chamber in addition to zipper access from the side. More details to come.

NEW FOR 2021


The Athlete Pack is now fully YKK. All of the buckles have been updated as well as small changes to zippers. More details to come.



The design of the Adventure includes a dedicated laptop pocket split up into two parts. For 2021 the outer zipper has been widened to allow for larger size laptops to fit.

The layout inside the laptop pocket includes a sewn-in suspended laptop sleeve (meaning the bottom of the sleeve does not touch the bottom of the pack). Typical size laptops and ipads (gear less than 10in/25cm) fit here.

The front side of the pocket is for larger laptops and has a maximum width of about 11.5in/29cm. This section of the pocket is not suspended and the bottom offers little built-in protection. If you have a big heavy laptop, this pocket works great with the caveat to use a case and/or tuck a small strip of foam padding into the bottom section of the pocket for some cushion.

NEW FOR 2021


While there is no dedicated pocket or chamber for water bladders in the Adventure Pack, we did add exit ports for the tube as well as a set of loops that can support the weight of a water bladder. More details to come.



The ATLAS logo on the front of the pack is significantly smaller and the colorway is tonal. You can expect the logo to fade out in the shadows and be somewhat visible in direct light. More details to come.

NEW FOR 2021


In addition to the MOLLE loops on the hip belt, a set of loops has been added to the top lid. More details to come.

NEW FOR 2021


When it's time to haul on the outside of your pack the Adventure is ready. Checkout all of these updates and improvements...

Ice of Ice-Axe loops
+ Two rows of webbing loops runing the full length of the front of the pack (same as loops on Athlete Pack)

+ Pack loops (x4) on the underside of the pack for large bulky items like sleeping pads and tents.

+ Interior loops for small items like a flashlight or snap on hook

+ Two rows of MOLLE on the front of the lid plus moral patch. Perfect for snapping on a small accessory pouch.

+ Tie down and lock by adding accessories from our Atlas Cargo System to your Adventure Pack. Stay tuned for details..



The size of the Athlete Pack raincover is larger by 25%. This better accommodates the coverage of tripods when the pack is loaded out.

  • Now carries even more camera gear
  • Smaller and tonal ATLAS Logo
  • Two Fold Origami camera core ( patent pending )
  • Wider laptop pocket opening
  • Improved side pockets with reinforced based
  • Raincover is larger by 25% to cover tripods
  • Quickdraw hip pockets have draw string.
  • New dividers sizes
  • Change to buckles from Woojin to YKK
  • Added water bladder tube routing
  • Added sleeping pad loops (x2 at bottom of pack)
  • Added webbing loops down front of pack.
  • Added ice axe loops (x2)
  • Change to top lid. Moral patch and MOLLE.
  • New Adventure Hip Belts with MOLLE loops
  • Plus more to be revealed