Atlas Adventure Pack

The Atlas Adventure is specifically designed to carry professional camera gear long distances in comfort and features a 50-70 expandable shell. Medium Pack is currently sold out.

  • $395.00

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We combined an overbuilt harness and suspension system with a 2X Durable Water Repellant 70L ripstop shell and added our patent pending Origami Camera Core to support X-Large sets of camera and video equipment.

  • Designed to carry large to x-large sets of camera and video gear
  • Origami camera core can be reconfigured between camera core and non-camera section of pack
  • Dedicated pocket for a 15" laptop
  • The ultimate in comfort. Air vented mesh backpanel, overbuilt harness and suspension system
  • Room for two tripods (one on each size of pack)
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Removable waist belt
  • Internal frame backpack (removable)
  • Built-in rainfly with tether
  • Hidden passport pocket designed for valuables
  • Quickdraw hip pockets hidden into sides of waistbelt.

Camera gear is Heavy!  Camera gear is made of metal, glass and high density plastic.  Per volume, this is the heaviest thing you are going to carry.  Yet camera bags harnesses are a far cry for the top quality designs found in outdoor/trekking packs that don't effectively transfer most of the load from to the shoulders to the hips.

The top section of the Origami Camera Core can be changed to suit your needs. Push the pocket IN when you need more room for camera gear. Pull the pocket OUT when you need more room in the front of your pack.

AtlasAdventurePack018.jpg Origami Out
AtlasAdventurePack019.jpg Origami In

When the Origami pulled out the pack is split about 50/50. In this position you have created a large space in the top of the pack, perfect for run and gun shooting and easy access to your gear.

When it comes to fit and comfort the Adventure Pack is generations ahead of every other bag on the market. Select from two back panel heights, three sizes of waistbelts and shoulder straps.

Some of this packs top features include the customizable and fully removable overbuilt harness and suspension system, removable aluminum frame and side opening back panel with full access to your gear.

"Designed to hold precious cargo"

The Adventure Pack is designed to hold x-large sets of camera and video gear. The pack features a DSLR-sized Origami Camera Core. With the Adventure Pack lenses can be stored in the mounted position on gripped DSLR bodies such as a 1DX.

The Adventure Pack is a great bag to work out of. It has pockets in all the right places and a nice deep Origami Camera Core that is super easy to configure for gear of pretty much any type.

In regards the carry-on, the Adventure can easily be broken down and sized to measure below the carry-on limits for most airlines. Removing the aluminum frame brings the height of the pack down to 21.75" / 55cm.

We started Atlas to make the photography bag we wanted.  Before we did, we bought or tried just about every camera bag on the market.  We found that nearly all bags contain camera equipment well, yet none are really design to carry gear comfortably.

Please know this page is still in development and incomplete. We expect to have it done soon. In the meantime you can always send us an email or dm us on instagram @atlaspacks

Adventure Pack Reviews

Daniel Milnor, Shifter Media

When I see someone wearing one of these packs, in my experience, they turn out to be adventurous people who live truly interesting lives. I like this about my pack and my pack community. I feel like if I was broken down in the backcountry and an Atlas Pack user was driving by and saw MY Atlas Pack they would stop, help, tow me, dig me out, bandage my head, splint my fractured leg or maybe even perform an emergency tracheotomy with a spork. You know what I mean. Atlas is about lifestyle, adventure, community and practical application. Not everyone needs a pack like this, but those who do know a good one when they see it.

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