Atlas Athlete Pack

All packs in stock. Order today for delivery by Oct 30. Need your pack sooner? Get FastPass and have in 3-5 days. The Athlete Pack was awarded "Best Camera Bag for Travelers" by National Geographic. Finally a comfortable camera bag with lots of space for non-camera gear. #atlasathletepack #carryon

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Frame Height
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"We’re photographers just like you and have never understood why bag manufacturers seem focused purely on “holding camera gear” vs designing a solution for camera use."


  • An industry first "Origami camera core". Allows camera section to be reconfigured between camera core and non-camera section of pack
  • 2L Water bladder pocket with dedicated tube routing through back of pack
  • Dedicated pocket for a 15" laptop
  • Custom fitted waistbelt (removable)
  • Aluminum frame / stay (removable)
  • The ultimate in comfort. Air vented mesh backpanel, overbuilt harness and suspension system
  • Meets carry-on standards
  • Front shell can expand from 5 - 30 liters
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed for small to medium sets of gear
  • Incredibly thin profile, just 7" in depth
  • Draw string top allows for easy closure and access
  • Tripods can be securely stored on either side of the pack
  • Quickdraw hip pockets hidden into sides of waistbelt.



"Camera bags are all giant boxes!  We wanted a thinner, more nimble design that holds weight close to the body and doesn’t impede movement in busy urban areas or while moving over terrain."

Atlas Athlete Pack Specs
AthletePack-goot3.jpg 40 Liters
athletepack-edc2.jpg 20 Liters

This photo showcases how much the Athlete Pack can change in size. The pack in this photo is the large frame. Height measurements for both size packs have been included above.

Atlas Packs has developed a first of it's kind "Origami Camera Core" that allows you to reconfigure and shift space between the camera and non-camera sections of the pack.

Push the Origami pocket IN when you need more space for for camera gear. Pull the Origami pocket OUT when you need more space for personal items.

20180125_150153_02954_ujy-hd.jpg PUSHED IN
20180125_150153_02954_txj-hd.jpg PULLED OUT

Other camera bag brands make you buy different size inserts such as ICU’s or camera cubes. These systems are expensive and poorly designed as they are detached from the structure of the bag.

ICU's require a “pressure fit”, resulting in a fundamental compromise to the pack’s load carry and limiting access to gear along the sides of the camera compartment.

With the Athlete Pack your camera gear is securely stored inside our patent pending Origami Camera Core. The Origami compartment is sown into the pack and accessible via unzipping the backpanel.

With the Athlete Pack your camera gear is securely stored inside our patent pending Origami Camera Core. The Origami compartment is sown into the pack and accessible via unzipping the backpanel.


Some questions we get about the Atlas Athlete Pack


I'm between sizes

If you are between sizes (5'9-5'11) get the medium. Still unsure, measure your torso (google it :). Less than 19", get the medium. Need an assist, we are here to help. Text us 602-833-8448.

What are the differences?

Differences between the medium and large Athlete Packs. 1. The medium pack does NOT have the "pass-through" zipper on the inside above the ATLAS logo. Unfortunately there was not enough room to include.

2. The large size pack has two small pouches at the top of inside backpanel. The medium size pack has one large pocket. 3. The frame heights are different (see next faq).

Size of medium vs. large?

The large size Athlete Pack is 2" taller than the medium.

How does this differences impact volume

There is a small difference in volume. The medium holds about 3-5 liters less non-camera gear than the large pack.

Is the frame removeable?

Yes, and removing the frame will decease the height of the pack 3" - 5".*of note, should you need to remove the frame, it can easily be stored under a seat or in the overhead.


Can the pack be used without a belt?

Yes and removing the belt is super easy. Once removed the small pouches tuck into the back of the lumbar padding for a seamless look.

I'm between sizes?

Get the larger size. Better to have a little more padding and webbing than less.

The depth of the Origami Camera Core is ideal for mirrorless, micro 4/3 and small DSLR bodies such as a 5D or D800. Lenses can be mounted with these size camera bodies.

Lenses over 5" tall as well as gripped bodies and large DLSRs like a 1DX must be laid flat. Video cameras such as the FS5 or C200 can be stored (parts broken down).


At "every day carry" size the pack is incredibly thin and measures just 7”/18cm deep. At this configuration the pack carries about 20L worth of gear. That’s enough room for ALL your camera gear PLUS a 15” laptop, snacks, ipad, jacket, water bladder and more...

And when you want to "get out of town", the front of the Athlete Pack can be expanded to store up to 30L of additional non-camera gear by releasing the side compression straps. FYI: The Athlete Pack she’ll measures approximately 40L and about 10L is reserved for the Origami Camera Core.

Athlete Pack Reviews

Thank you to everyone that has an Athlete Pack (and thanks to all that have pre-ordered). We are excited to be making more packs and will be shipping out this September.

The Athlete Pack is currently sold-out and we are accepting pre-orders. Thank you.

Daniel Milnor, Shifter Media

When I see someone wearing one of these packs, in my experience, they turn out to be adventurous people who live truly interesting lives. I like this about my pack and my pack community. I feel like if I was broken down in the backcountry and an Atlas Pack user was driving by and saw MY Atlas Pack they would stop, help, tow me, dig me out, bandage my head, splint my fractured leg or maybe even perform an emergency tracheotomy with a spork. You know what I mean. Atlas is about lifestyle, adventure, community and practical application. Not everyone needs a pack like this, but those who do know a good one when they see it.

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