Choosing your hip belt

Let's pick your hip belt, the most important part of the camera backpacking! Atlas Packs offers three different style hip belts in four sizes ranges. Pick the hip belt that works best for your needs. The hip belt is designed to transfer around 90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders to your hips.

All Atlas Packs hip belt's are interchangeable and can be used with all packs. And because the hip belt is removable, it's easy to make your pack smaller when you need; perfect for daily use and light loads.


    The Adventure Hip Belt-our thickest padded belt offering two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. Most comfortable for heavier loads or longer hikes. The Adventure Hip Belt construction
    includes dual layers of foam padding with 38mm buckle and webbing. Works best with heavy load outs. Available in S/M - XL/XXL sizes.


    The Athlete Hip Belt offers a slimmer profile with a single layer of foam ding with 25mm buckle and narrower webbing. This belt offers a more "minimalist" look and feel in comparison to the Adventure Hip Belt. Available in S/M-XL sizes.


    The Travel Hip Belt (also known as the Haenisch Hip Belt) has no padding, just a soft wrap with 25mm buckle and webbing. The Travel Hip Belt is available as an add on item and is not included with a pack. Available in gray (as shown) and black. Sizes S/M, M/L, XL with same measurements as Athlete belts.


    Available as an add-on part, the hip strap is a great option in place of a hip belt. Very minimalist and still shifts some weight off your shoulders. Available in black and gray and three sizes (based on hip belt measurements). The hip strap attaches to the hip belt pouch buckles and easily tucks away when not in use.

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Find Your Fit

Both padding and webbing/straps get progressively larger as the hip belts go up in size. If you are between sizes, size up. Sizes for hip belts have been converted to pants sizes. Total length is also included so you know how long the belt is if measured with a traditional "linear" tape measure.

  • Why a fitted hip belt?

    Finding the right size is easy. Checkout the fitting chart and follow the steps. The most important measurement is to make sure the padding is long enough to cover your hips. If the padding falls short, then the weight of the pack will not properly transfer away from your shoulders and load on to your hips

  • Option 1: Pants Size

    Choose hip belt size based on your pants size. This is the easiest way and works 95% of the time. If you are between sizes, then use the other options.

  • Option 2: Measure Hip Span

    Measure the span of your hips, ust the length needed for the padding to cover both (end to end) plus a few smidges.

    Still unsure >> Size up!

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Which belt is best for me?

That's really hard to say, it's such a personal choice. Generally speaking, you can get a tighter fit with the Adventure Hip Belt as it is designed for heavier loads. However, it's almost twice the weight and bulkier.

How much are the hip belts?

A hip belts of your choice is included with the purchase of your pack. Extra hip belts can be ordered and the costs are listed above.

Does the Adventure Belt fit the Athlete Pack

Yes. All belts fit and work with all packs. The names of the belts are the same as the packs as we use to include an Athlete belt with Athlete Packs and the same of the Adventure.

What about airline travel and belts?

If you are a frequent travelers consider getting the travelers belt for travel and the padded belts for trekking.

How do I connect my hip belt?

Hip belts are connected to the small pouches on the side of your pack. The 15mm webbing (the small skinny piece), needs to thread into the small buckle as shown in this image here.

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What if I order the wrong size?

After all that and the size did not work out. Don't worry, we can swap out hip belts that have not been used. Please contact Pro Support and we will take care of you.

Can the pack be used without the hip belt?

Yes and removing the belt is super easy. Once removed the small pouches tuck into the back of the lumbar padding for a seamless look.

Can the hip belt be used without the pack?

Yes! This is just one more reason to love Atlas Packs. MOLLE webbing is now included on our hip belts. MOLLE is a universally recognized method of attaching items to
bags/packs/clothing and there are countless options readily available
for whatever you need to carry.

I can't wait to see how this
changes the experience. By attaching MOLLE pouches you can hit the trail without anything on your back. How crazy is that for a backpack company!

PS: Of note, make sure you get the new magnetic buckles as they are designed for use when the belt is off the pack.

What about big and tall?

We got ya and don't be shy if what we offer still not in your range. We love help and will make a custom extender for you at no additional cost.

What are the main differences between the Athlete style and Adventure style belts?

Generally speaking the Adventure belt is more comfortable as it offers two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. The Athlete belt has a single foam layer and is more minimalist.

Please see the comparison slider below for more details.

Hip Belt Extra Parts

If you want to use your hip belt separately from your pack to haul camera gear (via the MOLLE webbing), a Magnetic Fidlock Buckle is MANDATORY. The standard YKK buckle can be released via in-direct pressure and without the support of the pack, the hip belt would fall. Please ask Pro Team for more details if need be.

Available in black and gray and in two sizes, the large 38mm size fits all current hip belt styles (Athlete, Adventure and Travelers). The 25mm style fit an older style Athlete hip belt.