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Atlas Parts | Extra Frames

Atlas Parts | Extra Frames

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Need a slightly smaller or custom sized frame for your Athlete Pack, here are the details for each frame options...


ATHLETE MEDIUM PACK - MEDIUM FRAME (Standard size frame for medium packs).

ATHLETE MEDIUM PACK - SMALL-MEDIUM FRAME (Slightly smaller frame medium Athlete packs. Helps softens top of pack by 1/2". Select if you are short and have a short torso)

ATHLETE LARGE PACK - LARGE FRAME (Standard size frame for medium packs).

ATHLETE LARGE PACK - MEDIUM-LARGE FRAME (Slightly smaller frame large Athlete packs. Helps softens top of pack by 1/2". Works great if you are between sizes and went with the large and feel that it's a hair tall.)

ATHLETE LARGE PACK - TRAVEL FRAME (Fits the lower set of frame flaps on the large Athlete pack. Brings height of pack down to about 20". Great for airline travel, not great for trekking. Only available on GEN2 large Athlete Packs.)

ATHLETE PACK - CUSTOM SIZE FRAME (Need a custom size frame. Let us know what size in the notes)

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Battle Tested and Reviewed..

Battle Tested and Journal Reviewed

Our photo engineer tested over 40 camera bags, so you don't have to. Access your camera through the back panel through an innovative, origami-like panel that can pop in or out to vary your storage.

Tom O'Brien, National Geographic | The Best Camera Bags for Travelers

Atlas’s 40-liter ­hauler carries like a hiking pack. The rear-access compartment keeps equipment secure, with room for everything else in an origami pocket that lets you shift space around.

Hayden Carpenter, Outside Magazine | The Best Travel Photography Gear

Imagine a proper backpacking pack—engineered to support a heavy load and distribute weight ergonomically—and then insert camera and lens compartments >>

Crystal Sagan, Ski Magazine | The Best Camera Backpacks for Skiers

Building a Camera Bag Company Designed and Inspired By Active Photographers the Right Way. At Atlas Packs they are working to cater to and listen to the consumers.

Chris Ramsey Jr. |

The Athlete is neither a hiking pack with a built-in camera system nor a camera bag that’s been optimized for outdoor use. It walks the line between these two expertly, providing all the support, adjust-ability and varied storage space of an outdoor pack with the organization and storage that photographers need.

Tanner Bowden, Gear Patrol | Atlas Athlete Camera Pack Review: An Adventure Camera Bag to Rival the Best

Chalk up the pack’s efficiencies to the Atlas “Origami Camera Core,” which allows photographers to reconfigure and shift space between the camera and non-camera sections of the pack.

Chuck Graham | Field Tested: Atlas Athlete Camera Pack