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Webbing Types Explained

Each webbing type offers different benefits including:

+ The nylon webbing is lightweight and the same width as the webbing on the pack (20mm). This webbing will last forever and does not shrink or stretch-out no matter the conditions or use. Easily carry 50lbs on the outside of your pack with a set of nylon cargo straps!

+ The stretch webbing is a lightweight blend (30% nylon | 70% stretch) and the same width as the packs (20mm). The gray color works well with all the packs. This webbing has both benefits and caveats. The stretch will only last a season, maybe two. They are rated for 10-15lbs (as a pair) max. The benefits of the stretch allow for a pseudo-quick release option and for items that are delicate and need to be secured by not tightened down. *also available as a sternum shorty.

+ The reflective webbing is a heavyweight nylon and thinner than the pack webbing (15mm). The reflective thread works amazingly well and can be seen from a distance of 100-150 yards. Also available as a shorty*

GEN1 vs. GEN2 Buckles

YKK or Woo-Jin Buckles

If you are not sure of what gen pack you have, check the buckles. All gen1 packs include Woo-Jin buckles as shown first. All gen2 packs include YKK buckles.



Delivery & Shipping

Parts and accessories are shipped 3-5 days after orders are placed.

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Pick Your Parts | Shorty Straps

Shortly Straps are available in reflective and stretch. The stretch makes for an awesome sternum strap add-on. Highly recommended. The reflective for easy identification in low light.

Please know all straps and webbing can be customized for gen1 packs. Please be sure to select the Woojin option for your buckles.

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