Atlas Packs 2021 Summer Wave 3 Delivery - Reservations with 50% Deposit and Perks


Reserve your pack! Get in on the 2021 Summer Wave today and save. Atlas Packs is expecting limited stock due to COVID and reservations are required. Get perks for reserving today. Pay 50% today and 50% when we ship. #bringbacktheworld #atlaspacks

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Athlete & Adventure Reservations

2021 Summer Reservations

All About Reservations

In the past (pre-covid), if the pack or accessory you wanted was sold out, you paid upfront and received a set delivery date typically 1-2 months out. At the time it seemed like a lifetime to wait, little did we know....

As we all know now, production takes longer, costs more and has more variables and as a result, we have had to change how we operate.

For the foreseeable future expect much longer lead times (6-8 months) and reservations will be required.

The reasons for the reservation system are to help you better deal with the much longer wait times by offering different perks and payment options. It also helps us better manage our budgets and forecasts.

It's important to expect production to take longer than any of us want. If you must have your pack by a specific date contact before ordering. Thanks for your patience in advance.



Reservations are done in waves. This is the "Summer Wave 3". Everyone in this wave will get their pack after prior waves and before any packs are made available to the general public.

When packs arrive you will be notified based on the order of your reservation. We'll update the site and provide you with a special link so you can pick your pack color, belt size and any accessories.



+ Reserving a pack now means you are part of our "Summer Wave 3" perks

+ Pricing for 2021 is set at $425. You will not pay more should the price increase. You will benefit should the price decrease. This is a 7.5% increase in cost over the previous price of the packs.

+ You will receive a $65 gift card with purchase. The gift card can only be used for spare parts and accessories include our Cargo NETS and STRAPS.

Wave 3


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Making Packs and Schedule Updates.

It takes a lot of steps to make a single pack. Let's get into the details and cover how much time is needed for each. This will help you understand the overall timelines and set your expectation for any delays.



Each and every part of your pack starts on a spreadsheet known as a bill of materials or BOM. The BOM serves as a complete list of all the materials and parts—virtually every item—that a manufacturer needs to create a certain product.

There are approximately 80 different parts to each pack including raw materials, subassemblies, subcomponents, and parts—and the precise quantities of each.

STATUS UPDATE: March 18th, 2021

The BOM for all packs has been approved and parts on on their way to the Philippines. At this time many of the parts have yet to arrive. All parts are on schedule. There are currently zero delays.

Parts for Adventure Packs are scheduled to arrive first.



Raw materials are assembled, cut and measured. Sewing machines are reconfigured and there are over 225 different steps in the line. It takes a lot of different people to create each and every pack. As each pack gets made, it goes through dozens of quality assurance checks and steps before getting wrapped and loaded onto a pallets for an ocean voyage.

STATUS UPDATE: March 18th, 2021

As of today production is schedule to start in May and continue through June.



The trip from the Philippines to Los Angeles takes about 3 weeks. The first shipment is scheduled to leave the Philippines in mid-May.

This step is also important because this is when we will contact you to arrange for delivery, selection of perks and the payment of the balance. Expect to hear from us once your pack has left the Philippines.

STATUS UPDATE: March 18th, 2021

As of today there are no delays impacting ocean freight transportation times in the Philippines.



All ocean freight must be unloaded and cleared through customs before getting trucked to our warehouse in Arizona. Pre-covid it took 7-10 days to complete step four.

STATUS UPDATE: March 25th, 2021

As of today FedEx has informed me that STEP FOUR is taking 20-30 days due to a huge backlog at the ports and fewer drivers available. The global shipping crisis is poised to continue into the summer, affecting both international cargo and domestic parcel shipping. FedEx has informed me that STEP FOUR is taking 20-30 days longer. The port of Los Angeles has seen a 217% increase in volume, and ocean cargo costs have risen over 40% compared to this time period last year. Volume increases, shipping container shortages, and driver shortages will continue to stress the global logistics infrastructure. The result will be a continuation of port congestion, extended delivery times, and increases in freight rates.

The odds that the backlog has cleared in time for our shipments is unknown.

***If the backlog is not cleared this will impact delivery and result in delay.



Once the packs arrive at our warehouse in Arizona, the turnaround time from us to you is be quick. All packs are sent via FedEx.

STATUS UPDATE: March 18th, 2021

Estimated 2-10 days for FedEx.



Please understand that the timelines listed above do NOT include any lockdowns imposed by the Philippines government. If a lockdown goes into place it will impact the timelines.

STATUS UPDATE: March 18th, 2021

COVID is having a significant impact in Manilla. I am told there could be a two-week lockdown. If this happens it will impact the delivery of raw materials to the factory. (Step One and BOM)

COVID cases in the BATAAN Province (location of the factory) are not high. No lock-down is expected.

**Please understand that these timelines are subject to change and why we are making you aware many months ahead of time. Please expect production and delivery to take longer than any of us want. If you must have you pack by a specific date please order with the expectation that it will not arrive in time. If you ever need to cancel your reservation just let us know. Your reservation is fully refundable.

2021 Wave Updates:

LAST UPDATED: April 21st

+ (NOW OPEN) Adventure + Athlete Packs: Summer Wave 3. August Delivery

Production of Summer Wave 3 packs is now open for reservations and production is scheduled. These packs are expected ship via ocean freight from the Philippines in July.

+ (SOLD OUT) Adventure + Athlete Packs: Summer Wave 2. Late July / August Delivery

Production of Summer Wave 2 packs is now open for reservations and production is scheduled. These packs are expected ship via ocean freight from the Philippines in late June.

+ (SOLD OUT) Adventure Packs: Early Bird Wave. Est. June delivery

Adventure Pack Early Bird Reservations are sold out. These packs are scheduled to be completed in May and ship via ocean freight from the Philippines in May.

+ (SOLD OUT) Athlete Packs: Early Bird Wave. Est. July Delivery

Athlete Pack Early Bird Reservations are sold out and production for Athlete Packs is scheduled. These packs are expected to be manufactured in late May / early June.

+ (SOLD OUT) Adventure + Athlete Packs: Summer Wave 1 Est. July Delivery

Production of all Summer Wave 1 packs is sold out and production on these packs is scheduled. These packs are expect to be manufactured in early June.

Adventure Pack Sizing Explained


For 2021 reservations are required - Stock will be limited due to COVID-19.

Pre-ordering means you are reserving the pack of your choice today and paying a 50% deposit.  The balance is due when you pick your pack. 

Your deposit is fully refundable and can be cancelled at any time. 


When you reserve a pack you not selecting colorway, only frame size. 

The 2021 Adventure Pack will be available in the black colorway and a few others.  We are currently testing army green, blue, yellow, gray and camo.


Reserving now locks in the 2021 price of $425.  This is a 7.5% price increase over the 2020 price.  $425 is expected to be the final price for all packs in 2021.  You would not be responsible for any increase in price and would benefit if the price decreases.

EARLY BIRD PRICING IS SOLD OUT: Reserving during the early bird waves locked in the 2020 price of $395 for 2021. 

Yes, fully refundable at anytime!  Simply hit the chat button and let us know you want a refund.  If we are not available we will respond in 24hrs.  Please allow up to 7 business days for refunds to be processed.

At this time we do not have a firm date, hence the reservations process.  Please see the Production updates above for details.

Just like a Kickstarter campaign, Atlas Packs is offering perks and perks are based on the wave your pre-order falls into. The earlier you get in the better the perks. Perks are subject to change at anytime.

Unlike a Kickstarter, if you are not happy send your pack you can send it back.  Want to make a return or exchange.  Need to swap out your belt size, no problem.  All of our award winning customers service services are included with your purchase.  Please see this page for more info.

After a long wait you finally get notified and the pack you want is gone.  It's going to happen.  Some styles and colors will be more popular than others.  What we will promise is... if the pack you want is not in the first time you have access to the site, we will set aside your specific pack for the next delivery. Please contact us via chat if this happens to you and we will get you taken care of right away. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

A $100 gift card credit will be added to your account and be available for use when you pick your pack.  The gift card can only be used for spare parts and accessories.  The gift card credit cannot be used towards the purchase of your pack. 

Yes for sure.  You are welcome to split up payment in smaller increments or pay over time.  Please contact us for details.

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