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Reservations are now open for 2021 stock. Atlas Packs is expecting limited stock due to COVID-19 and reservations are required. Be sure to setup an online fitting with an Atlas Packs Pro Team member and be ready to get your pack dirty when the moment comes. Thank you for your support and welcome you to the family. #bringbacktheworld

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Spring 2021 Pre Orders


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Reserve Your Pack Today!

In the past Atlas Packs was able to produce and manufacture enough packs without long wait times. If the pack you wanted was sold out you paid the full price upfront and received a set delivery date typically 1-2 months out.

With COVID production requires longer lead times and as a result, we no longer feel comfortable taking full payment upfront.

Additionally, we expect stock to be very limited for most if not all of 2021 and reservations are highly suggested.

To help us better manage our budgets and forecasts and to help you better deal with the longer wait times, we are moving to a 50/50 split. Pay half now and half when we ship your pack.

How Reservations Work

Reservations will be done in waves. This is the "Early Bird" wave. Everyone in this wave will get their pack first and before we make packs available to the general public.

When packs arrive you will be notified based on the order of your reservation. We'll update the site and provide you with a special link so you can pick your pack color, belt size and any accessories.

Early Bird Perks

+ Reserving a pack now means you are part of our "early bird" wave.

+ Lock in 2020 prices for 2021. Prices will be going up once we get through preorders

+ Early Birds receive a $100 gift card with purchase. The gift card can only be used for spare parts and accessories include our Cargo NETS and STRAPS.

+ Early Bird will receive access to the first shipment of packs for 2021. It is highly likely (like 95%) you will get the pack of your choice right away.

Adventure Pack Sizing Explained


For 2021 reservations are required - Stock will be limited due to COVID-19.

Pre-ordering means you are reserving the pack of your choice today and paying a 50% deposit.  The balance is due when you pick your pack. 

Your deposit is fully refundable and can be cancelled at any time. 


When you reserve a pack you not selecting colorway, only frame size. 

The 2021 Adventure Pack will be available in the black colorway and a few others.  We are currently testing army green, blue, yellow, gray and camo.


Reserving locks in the 2020 price of $395 for 2021.  Prices for the Adventure Pack will increase (8-12%) once we get through preorders.

Yes, fully refundable at anytime!  Simply hit the chat button and let us know you want a refund.  If we are not available we will respond in 24hrs.  Please allow up to 7 business days for refunds to be processed.

At this time we do not have a firm date, hence the reservations process.  You can expect to receive your pack this Spring.

Just like a Kickstarter campaign, Atlas Packs is offering perks and perks are based on the wave your pre-order falls into. The earlier you get in the better the perks. Perks are subject to change at anytime.

Unlike a Kickstarter, if you are not happy send your pack you can send it back.  Want to make a return or exchange.  Need to swap out your belt size, no problem.  All of our award winning customers service services are included with your purchase.  Please see this page for more info.

After a long wait you finally get notified and the pack you want is gone.  It's going to happen.  Some styles and colors will be more popular than others.  What we will promise is... if the pack you want is not in the first time you have access to the site, we will set aside your specific pack for the next delivery. Please contact us via chat if this happens to you and we will get you taken care of right away. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

A $100 gift card credit will be added to your account and be available for use when you pick your pack.  The gift card can only be used for spare parts and accessories.  The gift card credit cannot be used towards the purchase of your pack. 

Yes for sure.  You are welcome to split up payment in smaller increments or pay over time.  Please contact us for details.

Got a question, hit the chat and ask..