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Container #2 expected in Arizona next week. Delivery schedule coming by Feb 10th. Thanks everyone!!

Atlas Packs 2021 Fall Wave 3 - Reservations with 50% Deposit and Perks

$220.00 $440.00

Atlas Packs 2021 Fall Wave 3 - Reservations with 50% Deposit and Perks - Adventure Pack Pre-Order 50% Deposit / Gray / Medium is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

First Chance to Reserve for Spring 2022 Delivery

2021 Fall Wave 3 Reservations



This page details the Atlas Packs reservations process. Due to COVID reservations are required. Currently we are in "Fall Wave 3". This is the third wave and final wave for 2021.

A reservation is required as production and space on containers is limited. The first container arrived in Arizona in September of 2021. All packs on this container were reserved by prior waves. A second container is on the ocean and is expected to arrive in Arizona in early Spring 2022. A third container is expect in June/July of 2022.

Everyone that reserves a pack will get their pack after prior waves and before any packs are made available to the general public. Packs for this wave are spread out over both of the incoming containers.

There is no guarantee that the pack you reserve is on container #2. Please expect to have to wait 6-9 months.



+ Reserving a pack now means you are part of our "Fall Wave 3" perks

+ Pricing for 2022 is set at $440. You will not pay more should the price increase. You will benefit should the price decrease. This is a 3.5% increase in cost over the previous price of the packs.

+ Fall Wave 3 will receive $65 in Perk Points. This is an increase of $20 perk points when compared to the previous wave. Perk points work just like a gift card and can be used for spare parts and accessories include our Cargo line. To learn more about Perk Points >> >>click here


In the past (pre-covid), if the pack or accessory you wanted was sold out, the wait was typically 1-2 months. At the time it seemed like a lifetime, little did we know....

As we all know now, production takes longer, costs more and has more variables and as a result, we have had to change how we operate and now

For the foreseeable future reservations are required for all packs.

The reasons for the reservation system are to help you better deal with the much longer wait times by offering different perks and payment options. It also helps us better manage our budgets and forecasts.

It's important to expect production to take longer than any of us want. If you must have your pack by a specific date, order with the expectation that it will not arrive in time. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.




Awesome Perks


Very Limited Offer

Save $$$


Lock in 2021 pricing


Atlas Packs is the first and only camera bag company to offer pack sizing as a custom fit. Custom fit packs have individual hip belts and harness components that can be swapped out to create the perfect pack for you. BTW, this is not a new idea, custom fit packs are common in the world of outdoors, just not photography.

RESERVE YOUR PACK: Size & Colorway

For 2021 the Adventure Pack is available in two colorways (black and dark gray). The Athlete Pack is available in three colorways (black, yellow and gray/grey). The Adventure large gray is not available at this time.

For sizing, both the Athlete and Adventure Packs are available in two sizes and each size fits a large range of heights and torso lengths.

The easiest way to determine the right size for you, is to start with your height. This method works great 75% of the time.

+ If you are 5’8 / 1.7m or below, the medium size pack typically fits best.
+ If you are taller than 5’11/1.8m the large size pack typically fits best.

If you are between 5’8-5’11 | 1.7-1.8M or just want to be 100% sure you are getting the right pack size, measure your torso length. Torso length provides the most accurate measurement for backpack fitting.

+ If your torso length is shorter than 18"/45.5cm the medium size pack typically fits best.
+ If your torso length is longer than 18"/45.5cm the large size pack typically fits best.

1. Cut a piece of string to exactly 18" / 45.5cm.
2. Hold the top of the string on your C7 vertebrae and drop the bottom end.
3. Now feel all the way down to the bottom end of the string. It will end either above or below your Iliac Center (essentially your love handles and where you rest your hands when you are putting your hands on your hips).
4. If the string goes past your love handles, that means your torso is shorter than 18" = medium size pack. If the string ends before your love handles, that means your torso longer than 18" = large size pack.

Why do I need to cut the string at exactly 18"/45.5cm?

The tipping point between sizes (for both the Athlete and the Adventure Pack) is an 18"/45.5cm torso length.

Cutting the string exactly at this length takes the guess work out of play.

What if I'm right at or close to 18"/45.5cm?

If you are right on the cusp, go with the smaller pack. If the pack is too tall for your torso, the weight of the pack will not distribute properly.

I heard the large Athlete Pack can fit the medium frame?

You heard correct :). The new 2021 large Athlete Pack (only the LARGE), has a second set of flaps that allow for the installation of either the large or the medium size frames.

This has a fitting benefit that is detailed on the learn about page for the Athlete Pack.

Can I customize my frame height?

Yes, you are welcome to customize your own frame by cutting it down. A pipe cutter works great and you just need to add some more heat shrink tube to the tips (1/8" is the right size).

I need help finding the right size pack for me?

If after reading and measuring your torso, you still have questions, please contact us.

What about after the pack has arrived?

We are here to help once the pack arrives. A new section of the site will be all setup with tips, tricks and getting started advice. We also love to do fittings via video and are here as needed.

Tech Specs and Sizes

Tech Specs and Sizing

HIP BELT: Sizing Explained

The most important part of the pack is the hip belt and in this regard Atlas Packs offers options unlike any other brand.

Finding the right size is easy. Checkout the fitting chart below and follow the steps. The most important measurement is to make sure the padding is long enough to cover your hips. If the padding falls short, then the weight of the pack will not properly transfer away from your shoulders and load on to your hips.

Start with your pant size. This is the easiest way and works 95% of the time. If you are between sizes, then use the other options.

Option (1) measure the full width of your waist staying at hip height all the way around with a tape measure. Option (2), measure the span of your hips, just the length needed for the padding to cover both (end to end) plus a few smidges.

Still unsure >> Size up!

How much are the Hip Belts?

There is no additional cost. A hip belt of your choice (Athlete/Adventure) is included with the purchase of your pack.

Which belt is best for me?

That's really hard to say, it's such a personal choice. Generally speaking the Adventure belt is considered more comfortable as it offers two layers of foam padding and a wider webbing and buckle. The Athlete belt has a single foam layer and is more minimalist.

The Adventure belt is better able to support heavier loads than the standard Athlete Pack belt.

Are the hip belts interchangable?

Yes. All of the hip belts are interchangeable with all of the packs so you can mix and match.

With that said, it's uncommon to pair the Athlete belt with the Adventure Pack. But if that's what you want to do, I say go for it!

Can the pack be used w/o the belt?

Yes, and removing the belt is super easy. Once removed, the small pouches tuck into the back of the lumbar padding for a seamless look.

Can the belt be used w/o the pack?

Yes! This is just one more reason to love Atlas Packs. By adding a small strip of webbing (called MOLLE), the versatility of the hip belt has increased 10x.

You will need to purchase the new magnetic buckles if you plan to use the belt without the pack. The standard buckles are not approved for use if the hip belt is not on the pack.

MOLLE is a universally recognized method of attaching items to bags/packs/clothing and there are countless options readily available for whatever you need to carry.

I can't wait to see how this changes the experience. By attaching MOLLE pouches, you can hit the trail without anything on your back. How crazy is that for a backpack company!

The belt I want is out of stock?

As an example, you want the Athlete belt and we only have Adventure belts in stock in your size. Please contact us with the understanding that we will try to source but cannot make any promises. Thank you for understanding in advance.

Are there different colorways?

Yes. For 2021 hip belts are available in two colorways.

What color hip belt will I get?

Hip belt colorways will be based on pack colorway for the following packs: Athlete Pack Black = Black hip belt. Athlete Pack Yellow = Gray hip belt. Adventure Pack Black = Black hip belt. For the new dark gray Adventure Pack, both colorways look awesome and either colorway can be used with this pack.

How does the new hip strap work?

The new hip strap was made as a great alternative to the Travel Belt and is easy to leave installed.

What about the Travel Hip Belt?

The Travel Belts will be available again in early 2022.

What about big and tall sizes?

We got ya! The Adventure hip belt offers support unlike any other belt on the market. And don't be shy if what we offer is still not in your range. We love to help and will make a custom extender for you.

Dang! I got the wrong size?

After all that and the size did not work out. Don't worry, we will have belts available for this purpose but you will need to send back your belt at your cost and pay for the new outbound shipping.


FAQ: Before you reserve

Please read the FAQ's befor making your reservation.


What is the difference between a reservation and payment 2/2?

Reserving a pack means you are pre-ordering the pack of your choice today and paying a 50% deposit. The balance is due when you pick your pack. Your deposit is fully refundable and can be cancelled at any time.

How much are the pack?

The final price of the pack will be $425. This is a 7.5% price increase over the 2020 price and the Early Bird and Summer Wave 1 groups. $425 is expected to be the final price for all packs in 2021. You would not be responsible for any increase in price and would benefit if the price decreases.

When will I make payment 2/2?

Estimated around Nov/Dec for payment 2/2.

Will there be additional delays?

Yes! It's important to expect additional delays. If you must have your pack by a specific date, please reserve with the expectation that it will not arrive in time.

All of the information I am providing is based on estimates. I have zero control over international shipping, customs clearance, port authorities and trucker schedules. All of these steps require more time due to COVID.

To learn more about the reasons for all of the delays, see the following articles..

System Issues & Bugs during checkout

It's easy to get confused and add one too many items to your cart by accident. The system has some checks and balances built in but can easily be tricked / confused. If you have too many items (ie.. hip belts in your order, we will simply edit the order on the backend and the system will send out a notification.

Can I get a refund before I make payment 2/2?

Yes of course. If at anytime the timelines do not work for you please let us know and we will refund you right away and cancel your order. The terms of the reservation program allow for exactly this situation.

Can I get a refund after payment 2/2?

Yes! If after paying payment 2/2 and before we ship your pack, you can get a full 100% refund for any reason.


How much will shipping cost?

USA: FedEx Ground $15
Canada: $35USD
Rest of the World: $55USD up to $95.
**Please keep in mind the size and weight of the pack and box. It is an expensive item to ship and the amounts we charge are still below our costs. Rates are subject to change.

**Of note: International Customers >> Please do not pay for the faster shipping methods. You will be able to use your perk points to unlock faster shipping.

What if I move after reserving, how will you know about my new address?

When you make payment 2/2 use your new address. We will ignore the old address.

Can I use a different payment method for payment 2/2?

Yes of course. You do not need to use the same payment method as the first time.

What are the limitations on exchanges due to COVID

Due to COVID, exchanges for other sizes/colors/styles will only be available after all reservations for all waves have been fulfilled. Swapping out will be very very difficult due to supply.

Are the packs waterproof?

No, Atlas Packs does not make waterproof packs.

Here is what you can expect in terms of protection from the elements. The outer shell is made of very light and strong rip-stop material with a x2 durable water repellent coating.

Additionally, a raincover with welded seams is included with the purchase of your pack and provides for excellent coverage.

Combined, the x2 durable water repellent coating and the raincover will keep your camera gear safe and dry. However, you can fully expect some moisture to work its way into your pack under certain conditions and environments.

Now that I have made you aware, if you are a heavy sweater, if you take the pack into very humid environments, if decide to run through a bunch of waterfalls or spend hours walking through the rain, etc, be proactive don't throw away the moisture packets that come with your pack.

Save them and drop a few in the stretch pocket on the inside backpanel and a few in the key fob pocket.

How does the lifetime guarantee work?

Your Atlas Pack comes with a lifetime guarantee. We stand behind our packs and service unconditionally and will repair or replace defective packs at no cost.

Our lifetime warranty covers manufacturers defects as well as issues that make your pack unusable or to no longer function as designed.

Things that are not included in the warranty include but are not limited to; rips, scrapes and tears, water and moisture damage, stains, blemishes, normal wear and tear, failure due to misuse, or lack of care or just doing something stupid.

PS: If you ever decide to sell your Atlas Pack, tell the new owner the warranty stays with the pack.


I live in the USA, will I pay sales tax?

That depends on where you live.

If you live in the United States, you may have to pay sales tax based on your shipping address. The sales tax amount will be included in your total paid to Atlas Packs.

I live outside of the USA, will I pay VAT, DUTY and other charges?

Yes. And to help cover some of these costs, Atlas Packs is the only company that offers International buyers Import Duty Refunds.

The Import Duty refund is designed to cover the costs of importing the pack and is limited to 5% of your purchase price.

This means, if you paid $425.00 for your pack, we will refund up to $21.25USD to help cover any import duty charges.

To get your refund, hit the chat and send us a copy of your FedEx invoice after your have paid the fees and we will refund you right away.

This and all offers are subject to change.

How does the collection of VAT & DUTY work?

If you live outside of the United States, you will have to pay your country's VAT & DUTY charges when FedEx delivers your pack.

These costs are NOT included in the amount you pay to Atlas Packs.

To be clear... You are agreeing to accept delivery of your pack and pay FedEx for the DUTY and VAT.

How much is VAT & DUTY?

The VAT is based on where you live and is a standard rate.
The IMPORT DUTY rates are based on your country/province and range from 0 to more than 25% in some parts of the world. Most countries only charge around 5% of the total purchase price.

What happens if I do not pay the VAT / DUTY?

Do not abandon or refuse delivery on your shipment. Atlas Packs does not accept returns on abandoned packs and you are responsible for the return shipping costs.

Please do not reserve a pack if you are not willing to accept the delivery and pay the fees.

If you abandon/refuse shipment, FedEx adds penalty fees and the return shipping costs and all of this requires additional paperwork and time.

As an example: If you live in the EU / UK and do not accept delivery, FedEx will charge more than $350 to return the shipment and these costs will be pass on to you.

If you wish to return the pack for a full refund including the VAT this is easy to do. These extra fees are easily avoidable. Simply accept delivery and let us know you want to return the pack. This makes the return process much easier for everyone.

Abandoned / refused shipments are subject to a 15% restocking fee plus the cost of all shipping charges (outbound and return).


WHAT'S INCLUDED: Included with purchase

At Atlas Packs, all our packs are the same price and everything you need come included. Here's what's included with purchase.


An Athlete or Adventure Pack of your choice.


An Athlete or Adventure Hip Belt of your choice and size is included with the purchase of your pack.


A raincover is installed and included with the purchase of your pack.


A full set of 15 dividers is included with the purchase of your pack.

+ The Athlete Pack includes 15 dividers: x3 long, x2 wide, x2 mid length, x8 short.

+ The Adventure Pack includes 15 dividers: x2 full length, x3 long, x2 wide, x8 mid length.


A standard size installed frame is included with the purchase of your pack.

Tech Specs and Sizes

Tech Specs and Sizing

Hip Belt Sizes and Styles